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 Adolescents: Picture Disc
 Demented Are Go
 Dogflesh (new)
 Cock Sparrer: Picture Disc (new)
 Chaotic Dischord
 Foreign Legion / Suburban Lockdown
 Leftover Crack
 Jesse James
 Menace (new)
 Rancid: B Sides And C Sides
Resistance 77
 Rhoda Dakar (new)
 Riot Squad (new)
 Scarred For Life
 Slapshot (new)
 Knock Out complications
 Punch Drunk complimations

 All Grown Up DVD
 Cockney Rejects: DVD (new)

 UK-DK Pocket Skirt

 Anti Nowhere League: Badge
 Subhumans: Patch
 Clash - Rock Retrospectives Book

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