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Music Releases

4 PAST MIDNIGHT - Battle Scars & Broken Hearts (Combat Rock CR105)

4 Past Midnight hail from Glasgow and have been pounding the gig circuit for many years now. They’ve previously released a number of quality albums, a greatest hits and a couple of Christmas charity singles. Lyrically they can go from fun Punk piss ups tracks to tackling hard subjects like child abuse! This album is no exception. From the first track DO IT NOW it’s a full on Punk Rock assault on the ears. Both musically and lyrically! Highlights include.... FOR LIFE should become a modern punk rock classic. Great blistering lead guitars. Sing a long chorus For me it sums up my love of punk music perfectly. “ALWAYS GONNA BE, GONNA BE PUNK FOR LIFE. THE MUSIC AND PASSION REALLY SAVED MY LIFE” The next track is POLITICIAN. Again lyrically they have hit the nail on the head. They could be singing about any treacherous politician we see on our TV screens. Who lie and pretend they are something they clearly aren’t! ( I’d say it about CORBYN. But it could anyone from the other side!) 4PM Crew song (Part 4) called 4PM ON TOUR. Fast paced guitars and hard hitting drums start this catchy ditty. A modern day MACC LADS classic. A Lyrically funny Streetpunk track. “OI YOU CUNTS 4PM IS ON TOUR. WE’RE GONNA COME AND PLAY IN YOUR TOWN. THEN WILL BURN IT TO THE FUCKING GROUND” . Next we have HOPE, FEAR, PAIN, LOVE, DESIRE. A song about relationship breakdowns. PETERS gruff voice fits the track perfectly. Who’s not been there? SURVIVE is a fast paced UK82 style song in the mould of early Exploited. ALONE has an amazing guitar solo to start with. Very similar to Del’s guitar playing from PTTBs. A song about depression and mental illness. Very hard hitting and sad. The CD has 3 bonus tracks. WITHERED ROSES starts of as a poor mans 80’s ballad complete with piano. WTF!!!! Fortunately the fast paced Punk Bass line and fleas guitar soon blast in. Again covering relationship breakups. The bass on this track is ace. SOLID AS A ROCK is a rock a billy type track! It showcases the bands varied styles and is as catchy as fuck! Again a song about life n love! Finally we have CAN ANYBODY HERE ME. Another Streetpunk style track. For me it’s a track about a poor lass who’s been trafficked for sex! And the despair she is in! How she wants to end it all. Sad but brilliant track. I cannot speak highly enough of this band. If they are in your area give them a watch. I’m well chuffed to see they’re on this Years REBELLION (& about bloody time IMO!) PETER who sings and played drums on this record is now full time singer. They’ve managed to acquire another drummer after years of trying. You won’t miss him in his hideous suites! A fucking awesome album. No average tracks
5 out of 5
Review by Stoney

COCK SPARRER - Forever ()

Heres another Cock sparrer release boasting 16 tracks with the typical Cock sparrer sounding sing-a-long songs. Starts off with one by one, a decent enough track, to sing along to but for me isnt anything special and blends into a back catalogue of ordinary sounding "rock" tunes. I think people looking for something different will be disappointed as it is the well tread(trodden?) path they do as far as making music, so nothing new to get excited about. Im sure die hard sparrer fans will hate the review but im expressing a personal opinion. Gonna be alright is a very slick and well produced if not too melodic rock song, that im finding hard to enjoy as not sure what genre i would call it. Next track is very upbeat with a lot of chant-a-long chruses but again its something i cant stomach as it all sounds very much the same. I really like family of one for a track as i feel it breaks the same old same old mold that ive got used to when listening to sparrer and isnt as much of a typical track for them.Brilliant!!! The next few tracks just for me sound boring and very average at best, i cant remark too much on them as i feel they are tracks id never remember or learn the words to. All in all i think ive liked 2 songs on this album and alls i can say is that if your a sparrer diehard you will probably like it, but personally i think its a very unremarkable album. But it is a very highly polished album and well produced but for me it lacks any kind of punch or material that stands out. 2 out of 5 for me im afraid
2 out of 5
Review by Mick S

GIMP FIST - Never Let Go/Shut Down 7” single (Sunny Bastards Records)

This is the latest release from the StreetPunk boys from Bishop Auckland. And what a single it is!!!!!! Limited to 250 copies in black and 250 in silver. As with all their singles the tracks aren’t available on their album releases. NEVER LET GO is a catchy Street-punk track. A song about trying to keep hold of your dreams as you grow old “NEVER SAY DIE, NEVER LET GO. IF YOU NEVER TRY, HOW WILL YOU EVER KNOW. HOW WILL YOU EVER KNOW” How many of us gave up on those dreams years ago??? SHUT DOWN is a sad track about how pit villages were systematically destroyed when the mines closed! A sad indictment of a once proud industry and way of life. Both tracks are worthy of being the A side. Well worth a purchase!!!! Available from the label or directly from the band
5 out of 5
Review by Stoney

REACTION - Accelerator (Tarbeach Records)

Firstly, this album came out in 2016. But it’s just come across my lap to review. I’ve not come across this band before. They hail from Scotland. Formed at school in the late 70’s (Old twats like me then!) and reformed in 2014! This album is old fashioned 77 Punk. The album tends to lean, musically, more to the early US bands. DEAD BOY RACER starts of the album. “WHAT A WASTE OF LIFE” screams singer Carson. A track under 3 minutes with a powerful white hot guitar ! I WANNA BE YOUR DEE DEE RAMONE. Obviously a heavily influenced Ramones track. A Catchy rock n roll track like how the brothers used to play! FASTER is a good old fashioned 77 PUNK rock track. Simple and catchy. WEEKEND OFFENDER is in a similar vein to FASTER a song about Hooligans having fun after a week of shit in their home/work lives! It’s guitar solo is reminiscent of early DEAD KENNEDYS ! F.U.B.A.R is a strange track. Sounds like a Jonny THUNDERS song. I had to look up what it meant...(Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.... apparently!) Track of the album for me is a Punk Rock version of FIREBALL XL5. Anyone of a certain age remembers the classic animation series with the ace title track! I was expecting a standard cover. But I was totally wrong. That said. So so catchy! They even do a Dub-Mix of FB XL5. Not my cup of tea to be honest. Can’t stand that stuff! Overall a half decent album.
3 out of 5
Review by Stoney

RUNNING RIOT /LONDON SEWAGE COMPANY - 12 Bar Legacy Collection (7” singles) (London Callin Records)

This a 7” single record collection covering bands who’ve played at the legendary ( and sadly gone ) 12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, London The singles are released separately or you can by the whole collection. 4 have been released so far?? The 5th and final will follow shortly. They are limited to 500 per release(?) and come in coloured vinyls. Release 3 has RUNNING RIOT and LONDON SEWAGE COMPANY on it. The RR track is DOUBLE THE PAIN from the amazing BOOTS & BALLAD album. A classic Oi track from the sadly missed Colin McQUILLAN and boys. The LSC track is cover of RANCID’s 12 BAR NIGHT Release 3 has the mighty COCK SPARRER and the new boys BAR STOOL PREACHERS. Both tracks are from previously released albums. CS have BECAUSE YOU’RE YOUNG (live) from the album BACK IN SAN FRANCISCO. The BSPs is BAR STOOL PREACHER from the album BLATANT PROPAGANDA. There is nothing new on these releases. But they are well put together and definitely for fans of the bands and venue
4 out of 5
Review by Stoney

SCANDAL - On A Roll (Spirit Of The Street Records)

Scandal are originally from Romania. They started back in ‘88 where they released 2 albums. In 2016 after a few years apart they reformed in London UK with 3 original members and started playing and releasing records. They’ve done 2 self produced CD/EPs since then and this is the first English Speaking Album. It’s short with only 10 tracks but it’s an impressive record nonetheless. I’ve played it a few times now and love it. TROUBLE is the first track. A typical Oi track fast paced with simple lyrics. Yes it covers old ground for Oi bands but they do it very well so no complaints from me. Other highlights for me are: BAD REPUTATION is next. Catchy Streetpunk guitar riffs. The track has a sound similar to some PERKELE stuff I’ve herd. MEDIA CONTROL has more of a UK82 sound. Fast sounding drums and guitars with lyrics being shouted as loud and as fast he can. THIS BLOODY WAR is a very poignant song about the stupidity of war. Brilliantly put together. A top class Punk Rock track. WORKING IN THE UK is a track about low wages and low moral in today’s Uk. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this song. HOMETOWN is on ode to the old days. Where they used to live and how it was. It’s very catchy. You’ll soon be singing along to the chorus! Overall this album has a varied feel. A few out n out Oi tracks. But there’s some good Punk Rock in there as well. I for one will be looking out for them the next time they are playing Ooop Norf!!!! Well worth a listen
4 out of 5
Review by Stoney

THIS MEANS WAR - Self Titled 10” EP (Pirate Press Records)

This Means War are a new outfit from an area of Belgium & Holland. They’ve played in numerous bands. Notably: Discipline, Hidden Guns & Convict! This EP is brilliant! A cross between melodic hardcore and powerful StreetPunk The EP starts with SAILING ANARCHY. As the grinding guitars start and the growls from singer BERT kick in you know this is gonna be good! Catchy, melodic n moody! I’m sure this will be their anthem for years to come! THOSE WERE THE DAYS hard fast StreetPunk song. All the band who are chanting out the chorus get you going! The next is a track coming totally from left field. KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING. A song from back from WW1! It starts with the original version complete with crackling sound of the old vinyl. Soon the guitars and vocals blast in. It’s an absolute quality track! Catchy as hell and with all the Wars our boys have fought recently. It’s still as relevant as ever! Respect to the band for choosing this song. DEFEND WHAT WE STAND FOR is similar to the other tracks and sings about defending what you believe in and never giving in! USE IT UP is hardcore at its best. Fast thick sounding guitars with powerful drums giving it a deep sound! A tight powerful release from this band. TMW will appeal to StreetPunk/Oi and Hardcore fans alike. They have 2 videos on YouTube. Sailing Anarchy & Use It Up to watch. See for yourself!! TMW are playing regularly around Europe and play the Amsterdam REBELLION Festival in June this year. I hope to see them soon and look forward to their next release
5 out of 5
Review by Stoney

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