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Cockney Rejects - Quiet Storm album

Does anybody have any information about a Cockney Rejects album called Quiet Storm and if it's been released on cd? I think the only place i've seen it mentioned is in the Cockney Rejects interview that's on this website.

Asked by Eugene

i got an e-mail from Richard Davenport who told me that it was a blues/rock album and that he had interviewed Micky Geggus for a college radio station a few years back and he told him that it was mainly released for the band themselves and wasn't meant to be a commercial success. So, it seems unlikely it'll ever be out on cd.

Answered by Richard Davenport

Phut Phut Splodgenik - 86 Year Of The Bean

Am I the only person in the world who bought a single by Phut Phut Splodgenik called 86 Year Of The Bean and featuring Max Splodge doing a piss take of Sigue Sigue Sputnik? He doesnt even mention it in his discography & i can find no reference to it anywhere on the net. the b side is an instumental complete with fart noises all the way thru.

Asked by slapnut96@hotmail.com

The answer is probably yes, Max Splodge hasn't got a copy himself. I don't think it was ever officially released, although I have seen a photo of them dressed in the "gear" (platforms, ripped fishnets and funny hairdoos) hanging on Max's wall. Max would be happy to have a recording of it if possible, let us know.

Answered by Stretch

Who wrote these 2 tracks…

I'm looking for a band I dont know the name but they wrote 2 songs which 1 was called 'Red, White & Blue' the other 'General Enemey'. Thay sound like a early-mid 80s uk hardcore group.

Asked by diggmont@hotmail.com

The band that did 'Red, White & Blue',& 'General Enemy' was Social Unrest. Both tracks are on their 12" ep from 82- 'Rat In A Maze' ..an all time punk classic!!

It was on 'Libertine Records'. The band themselves were from California, and released an excellent 7",'Making Room For Youth' in 81,& 3 more LP's w/different singer, 85-89, (not as good in my opinion), then a cd in mid 90's....track 'em down if ya can.

Answered by Leethargic

Band info and demos

Looking for band info and demo tapes from the following bands The Hoax (Uk) Transisters (Uk) Savage Circle (Italy) Morbid Humour (Uk) Ultra Violent (Uk) . Also looking for an original boy jacket with zips and removable front panel, any colour or condition!! Please get in touch.

Asked by Jim

I've seen that you're looking for SAVAGE CIRCLE (the italian band...) infos. They have recorded 3 demotapes:
“ Dressed to kill” demotape 1984/1985 (studio + live)
“ Live in Germany 22/12/1983" live tape
“ Mk3” demotape 1983 (studio + live)
In the 80's they've recorded a VHS too. It contains one of their show in Germany. They were very known in Germany: much more than in Italy. You can find one song (taken from a demo) on "PROIETTILI volume 0" cd compilation too.

" MK3" tape on Edizioni Storie Tese with this code EST 001
[The songs of this demo have been recorded in different locations: Tontregen Videostudio Berlin / Wizard record Savona / Loft Metropol in West Germany (live 04/09/1983) / New Wave in Alassio (live 28/02/1983)]
" LIVE IN GERMANY" tape on Edizioni Storie Tese with this code EST 006
[recorded live at Forum in Enger - West Germany 22/12/1983]
"DRESSED TO KILL" tape on Edizioni Storie Tese with this code EST 017
[The songs of this demo have been recorded in different locations: live at Teatro Tenda di S. Bartolomeo (IM) 08/04/1985 / Music Lab Studios (Hamburg - West Germany) 04/01/1984 / november 1984 at RoomOre Studios (IM)]

Answered by Francesco

Chaos UK and Disorder members

I was wondering if anyone had any info as to the what happened to members of chaos uk and disorder? Simon,Andy,Pots,Boobs etc etc???

Asked by mindless_few@hotmail.com

What happened to Boobs from Disorder ? Taf told me a Disorder interview in BTB Issue 20 was in jail for drugs .

Contact address is Christopher Neill , CT Caravanchel 1 , Madrid 28044 , Spain . (Aptdo coreos 27007) .

This is 2 years ago if he is out I'm not sure .

Answered by Bazzy

The Destructors and The Disrupters

Does anybody know if The Destructors and The Disrupters ('80's UK Bands) had their stuff reissued on cd? I can't find any info here in the states.

Asked by

The answer is no but GTA and the Disrupters are working on two separate cds which include their recorded output plus their previously unreleased last studio recordings

The Destructors, I talked to the singer at Hits in Blackpool he told me no way for a reunion & a C.D.

I wanted to add something to the Disrupters answer in the Answered Questions section: The Disrupters discography is available on tape through: www.manmadehell.com/patchedaggression

Answered by various

The Straps

Does anyone know what ever happened to the Sraps.. Isaw them in 79.. supporting the damned.. and thought they were really good... i never did see any of their records to buy.. but guess they must have a couple out?

Asked by Dave

If you were still looking for answers about the Straps then i can tell you all you need to know as i was the guitarist in the band & founder member.

Here is a breakdown of band members.

There was a few line up changes before we started to get noticed and play bigger venues but the band included Andi Hayward from Sex Gang Children on drums who sings backing vocals on the track "News of the day" on our album called the Straps.Also we had Andy Heed Forbes who joined the Wall. Stan Stammers & Luke Rendell who later joined Theatre of Hate & Spear of destiny.

We released two singles: Just can`t take anymore on Donut records, the line up was

John Grant (Jock Strap) Vocals
Dave Reeves Guitar
John Werner Bass
Simon Werner Guitar
Jim Walker Drums

Brixton ( Same line up)

Album Called THE STRAPS same line up except that Pete Davis from the UK SUBS drummed on most of the album. ( which was recorded live in the studio in 6 hrs due to lack of funds) Jim Walker did the live tracks recorded at the Camden Palace supporting the UK subs & Rat Scabies was a demo recorded with Simon & Jock

We toured in 79/80 with the Damned (black album) & it cost us £2000 to get on it. I live in the Croydon area of S.London & used to hang out with Captain sensible in the local pubs.

I`ve lost touch with the rest of the band but we did a Punk reunion gig in 1993 at Brixton Academy with Sham 69, 999,The Lurkers, Uk subs,P & the test tube babies,The Vibrators etc.

Just to let you know there is a site called punkstore77 who is selling a cd of my records.
Maybe i should ask him for some money as i never made any while in the band despite getting to no: 4 in the indie charts.

Still it was great fun at the time !!

Any questions please contact me by email

All the best


I've gor an old 7" single by the Straps called 'Brixton' on Donut records 'Donut 3A' released in 1982. Don't know anything else about this band though.

I got a CD by 'The Wall' and reading the notes on the sleeve I see that a guy who was in the wall - Andy 'Heed' Forbes had previously been in the 'Strapps'. Strapps spelt with 2 ps not 1.
Answer by Keefor

Hi there!

I also saw the Damned on the 'Black Album'tour with The Strapps supporting-I
remember them being really good!!,but like you know very little about the band themselves.

I've got a track of theirs called 'Brixton'which I copied from an old 7" single, I've also got mp3's of loads of other old school punk stuff like the Wall,Crisis,the Valves etc,I could easily knock you a cd together if you want and send it to you free of charge 'cos I enjoy
keeping the old punk flag flying!!

Let me know if you want a copy and a p.o. adress or something and i'll see what I can do.
Answer by Jonno

im quite envious that you saw The Straps,as far as i know there was only one band of that name - with one 'p'. Rat Scabies drummed on the debut and only LP so that might explain why you saw them with The Damned. They released 1st single -"Just Can't Take it any More" (on Cyclops) then the LP called "The Straps" Which ive coincdentally played most days this week....and a second single called "Brixton" which was aslo on
Cyclops i think(without going looking at it)
Answer by David

1.Simon and John Werner and Jim Walker were from Vancouver Canada.John
Werner reportedly taught Joey Shithead,of DOA to play guitar AND has a partial writting credit on one song on their first album Something Better Change.

2.Jim Walker was the drummer on the first P.I.L. album.

3.Simon and John and Jim all played in The Pack with Kirk Brandon,later of Theatre of Hate.

Hope this might be of interest to someone.

Answer by Andrew/Canada

Answered by Dave - The Straps

Apocalypse Now

In 1981 I was at St Georges Hall in Bradford for the Apocalypse Now tour. I remember seeing Discharge and Chron Gen but can't remember who else. I saw so many bands that year, I don't know who I saw where!

I also went to the Christmas on Earth gig at Leeds Queens Hall in 1982. The Damned were headlining, Black Flag were on and I think Vice Squad , again I can't remember the full line up. I'd be really grateful if you could enlighten me as part of my youth has gone astray!!

Asked by Cheers

I found this link . It may be of intrest www.angelfire.com/punk2/uksubs/punkxmas.html - Hatebreeder

The full line-up of bands that played the Apocalypse Now Tour 1981 at Bradford St.Georges Hall was.... Chron Gen, Discharge, Anti-Pasti and The Exploited.

About the Leeds Xmas on Earth 1981 gig... The bands- The Damned, Insane, Anti-Nowhere League, GBH, Black Flag, The Outcasts, Chron Gen, Chelsea, Vice Squad,Lama, Trockener Kecks, Charge,UK Subs, Exploited, Anti-Pasti... oh and Bow wowwow were on the posters but never turned up. - Kenny Armitage, Threshold Shift

Answered by


I wanted to know, does anyone know the band Agrogazm (from Camden Town) or where to get in touch with them? I would like to send Mark a new recording of my band because i bought one of his CD's this past summer and i liked it

Asked by

This band is a local band from London. It was their first gig, but didn't seem like it. The lead singer Mark a mate of mine, really put everything into it. He seemed like a pro on the mic. The sound they have is a really hardcore, screaming loud and thrash guitar. I would like to see them again coz I was so pissed at the time they were playing and don't remember much of how they sounded. They are worth seeing if you get the chnace to see them anyway.

The gig went great. There was about 7-8 bands playing and agrogazm were on first. The small venue we were in was packed with punks which just made the whole gig a lot better

Answered by Ian

UK Subs film

Does anybody have any info about the short UK Subs film that supported "Scum" at the cinema, is it available anywhere ?

Asked by Ian

The UK Subs film is Titled punk can take it and it supported breaking glass. I dont think it was released on video though.
Punk can take it has been released on DVD in the States, go to www.uksubs.com and you'll get all the details.

Answered by Cayn - Bitten Twice / Stephen Grundy

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