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Single by the Nottingham HC band Revulsion

I hope you can help me. I'm trying to find out about a single by the Nottingham HC band Revulsion. I noticed the comp Anti Society Vol 3, and the track Out of Touch by Repulsion. The song I'm looking for had lyrics that were anti-fox hunting in nature. It was an absolutely AMAZING track and I would *love* to get hold of it somehow, anyhow. But first I need to try and suss out what the title of it was (and what label it was on). If you know, please do tell me. Maybe it was Out of Touch, the track on the comp? Or if you don't know, but think someone out there could help me, please point me in the right direction.

Asked by Rob Jones

Don't know if this might help, but the UK band Revulsion only had two releases that I'm aware of, 1985's "Ever Get the Feeling of Utter Revulsion" LP (great album, still have it), and a single that came out in the late 1990s that I have not heard called "The Only Revolution". The LP was released on Radical Change Records, the label most closely associated with UK anarcho band the Disrupters and who released all of their 3 LPs and 2 7"s. They also did releases by Self Abuse, Icon AD, one of the Destructors LPs...I also know I've got a 7" compilation ep that has Revulsion on it, along with Deviated Instinct and some other mid-80s pre-crust/grindcore type bands (1 song each I think) but I can't remember what it was called,
Answer by Carl from Maryland
got a few Revulsion tracks that I transferred from vinyl to CD.....if you still need 'em i would be willing to send you a copy If I can find the bloody things.....just let me know your address
Answer by Mark

Answered by

Flat red laces

Can you help me please I am trying to buy flat red laces that will do my 14 eyelet dr martins but I am finding this very difficult

Asked by Gibby


Answered by Paul of York

Feed Your Head demo

Does anyone have a copy of the first FEED YOUR HEAD demo,the one with “commercial anarchy”on it?would love to get a cdr copy of it.if anyone can help me out id be very grateful and sernd a ton of stuff,or some cash in return

Asked by Pat

Would it have been called,' The return of Noddy the Punk', if so I will have a dig around, I have it but whether it still plays is a different matter. Weren't they from Manchester? I seem to remember. If you still want it I wil try and do a CDR.

Answered by Richard

Pete from Grove Records

Anyone know what happened to the guy called PETE,he uesed to run GROOVE RECORDS in southampton the last time i saw him was at the CAMDEN cd fair. He did mail order stuff.cant remember hes full name pete w.....

Asked by Martyn

found out about pete from groove records.he is out of the record side of things. can be seen at some northern soul gigs.i heard he do a runner owing money?????? martyn

Answered by Martyn

Info on wherabouts of Infa riot, & The Insane

I'm looking for info on a couple of bands & wondered if you'd ever heard where they are these days? Infa riot, & The Insane (Punk & disorderly, El Salvador etc) any leads would be appreciated.

Asked by Dave

i was the singer in the insane ( el salvador) i still live in wigan so does the bass player and ellsmere (drums) & simon (lead ) live in london, it would be nice to get back for one last gig i think this will happen sooner than later....thanks for askin...cheers...dean

Answered by Dean

Who sings are there russians in russia? are they really red?

i taped a song off a local (sydney, australia) punk radio show in the early 80's that i absolutely love, but i still have no idea who did it after all this time. it sounded like tough midpaced uk punk. the chorus went:- are there russians in russia? are they really red? ???(something about mine fuehrer?) freedom is dead any idea?

Asked by Kevin

The song is East of Dachau by the Underdogs, a 7" on Riot City records from 1983. it is available on the riot city punk singles collection cd on anagram records.The other songs are Johnny go home and Dead Soldier

Answered by various

Contacting Deptford John

I am wondering if you can help me find a very old friend of mine who I lost touch with in the late 90's just after he got married. You have information on your web site about the Expolited. I'm looking for Deptford John. I have known him since the mid 80's and we kept in touch over the years as I spent time in England and he was always touring here in the states with various bands. I also worked in the concert industry but got out of it in the late 90's. The last time we spoke he was here with the Black Crows and then here on his honeymoon. I moved several times, changed e-mails etc. I would very much appreciate it if you know of anyone still in touch with John who would pass this e-mail along. I'll be in England for the month of April.

Asked by mspenelope@yahoo.com

Hi – contact Karl from Billyclub, he may well be able to help you. www.billyclub.co.uk

Answered by Keith / PFS / CULTJAM RECS.

Song from Islington 1983 squatter punk documentary

In that documentary there are three songs, first is 'Victimised' by Chaos UK, then the guys singing song from The Mob and then there's that song: 'I TAKE DRUGS AND GET DRUNK, (CAUSE) I'M A PUNK!'. Or something like that. Who sings THAT song??

Asked by parkbastard@yahoo.com

the song is called "im a punk" and its by an Australian band called THE RUDE BAND I used to have it on tape but wouldn't know where to get original, if memory serves its a spoof i.e. pisstake of punk rock by some people and they not real punk band or anything i.e. a joke record but its pretty good song nonetheless.

I just found out that that song is by The Rude Band. It's called "I'm A Punk" and is sung by Doug Mulray, who was a former host of the breakfast time slot on Sydney FM radio station 2MMM in the 1980s.

Answered by ?

Who did Never Give Up?

I have a song called Never Give Up. It has a gang chorus "Never, never, never give up" The first and second verse start with the word "Never...", and the song is 2:45 long. It has a UK 80's sound, catchy and not fast, just rockin'! What the hell is it?

Asked by Simon

Could it be Never Give Up by The Bristles? They're a Swedish Hardcore band from the early/mid 80's. A tremendous band who deserve a CD reissue of their stuff I think. Anyway snoop about on the net and you'll find some details about them.

Answered by ?

news on the skin oi band The Elite from the early 80's

Anyone got any news on the skin oi band The Elite from the early 80's. Any pics or what records they released if any. Maybe they have a webpage. Thanks a lot.

Asked by Mal

The Elite released one single on their own label,its called "Thats what I want".Daryl Smith now plays with the legendary Cocksparrer and also Argy Bargy. I think Argy Bargy(probably be on the punk n oi web site) may have their own web page but Cocksparrer is usually too busy for them to answer individual queries.
answer by Mo
Whilst I'm happy to give anyone any info they want on The Elite that I played in (1990's) - I think that the original question was regarding the early '80's Oi band THE ELITE.

We had nothing to do with them and were unaware of any band going by that name when we started. This caused us a few problems along the way but hey ho! So if you're after info on the ELITE that used to play down the Stick of Rock, supported The Adicts, Blitz, Cock Sparrer, Lurkers, Heavy Metal Kids, Chelsea etc and had a picture of page 3 bird Debee Ashby in her bra and knickers on the front cover of our single then I'm happy to help.

The only thing I've ever heard about the other Elite is that they appeared in the BBC documentary 40 Minutes with COMBAT 84. They were apparently the band on stage when it all kicked off.That's 3rd hand info by the way! I remember the lyric "let Reg & Ron out on parole, create more jobs so there's less on the dole!


Answered by

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