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What is the film?

Im trying to remember a punk video that came out in the 80s, it had footage of slf at the rock against racism gig, had the cockney rejects on it, had the purple hearts and them getting interviewd.it had gary bushell and a nme guy talking on it. It had a studio performance of sham 69 singing poor cow. Could u try and find out what the video was?. It wa the perfect way to describe the whole scene at that time

Asked by LEVELLER2007@aol.com

The video in question is called `rough cut and ready dubbed`.It was hard to come by,but was recently released on dvd.
answer by Totters
It was rough cut and ready dubbed, and it has also been issued on dvd
answer by Richie MDM
for sale on PunkOiUK store

Answered by

Demob interview in Sounds

would any one out there have interviews with DEMOB from Sounds music papers in early 80s? Would it be poss" to photocopy them for me. will pay cost & postage. Its for a zine (a look back at early Demob)

Asked by John

Are you still looking for Soundsí Demob interviews? Iíve got all copies of Sounds from mid-í81 to late í87, and I know thereís at least one Demob feature somewhere in there (you donít know the date, offhand, do you?). If you give me your address, Iíll xerox it and send it to you Ė though it may take me a couple of weeks to get round to it, as I donít have them stored in the place Iím currently living.

Answered by Russ Thompson

Hdq Lp - Hung Drawn And Quartered

anyone there got a copy of Hdq Lp Hung Drawn And Quartered on (angered musik, 1985) i'm looking to get a copy of it on tape cd-r or eve= n vinly if anyone can help email me

Asked by patch77.1@netzero.net

I have the Lp and can do you a tape if you like Let me know

Answered by Jake

los fastidios CD

I was very impressed by the Italian band los fastidios at this years rebellion festival. But when I went to but their cd (with the cover version of weíre coming back) it had sold out. Anyone know where I may be able to get hold of a copy in the uk??

Asked by Ratty

Don't know if the album is still about but this is their my space page

And this is their label's

Answered by Ian

Anti Heros

Hey friends, Iīm from Berlin - Germany - and I`m looking for a contact and news about the band "Anti Heros" from Atlanta. Do you know anything about them? I met this band 1994 in Berlin and I really want to get in contact with Tim Lawrence. Can you help me? Thank you so much. Many greetings from Berlin. Take care and keep the faith.

Asked by Dani

This looks like their page, but on myspace who knows? http://www.myspace.com/theantiheros

Answered by Ian

gigs@ adam n eves-leeds

does anyone anywhere have vidioes/dvds from the wedenesday night "nick toczek" gigs@ adam n eves in the mid eghties

Asked by Mick

i have a few photos, adicts,ptttb,bandits at 4 o'clock, newtown neurotics, the fits.
some are from the old brannigans on call lane and some are at the bier keller (morrisons)
let me know if you want a look

Answered by mickl

Punk track called 'On The Beach'

could You help? in 1984 I heard in Australia / probably an aussie band?/ a punk track called ON THE BEACH, the refrain was also On the beach, I checked on internet bands that had such entitled track,/there are some/ but I havent found the proper one!!!!. WHAT BAND COULD IT BE????! I know that many aussie bands might have sung about the beach, but try to help.

Asked by Pawel

The Revillos (previously the Rezillos) sang On The Beach. From the Rev Up album. Classic. Hope this helps.

Answered by D

demo tapes of some of the bands that featured on the 'Eject It' compilation tape

I'm seeking the complete demo tapes of some of the bands that featured on the 'Eject It' compilation tape that I put out in 1983.

DECEASED (from Wigan) - tracks include "Realisation" & "I Don't Wanna Die".

STRESS (from Brize Norton) - tracks include "State Of Decay" & "Fight For Justice"

DIABOLISTS (from Newcastle-Under-Lyme) - tracks include "Devil Surrounds Me" & "Ashes To Ashes"

SHRAPNEL (from W. Glam, Wales) - tracks include "Fight For Freedom" & "Missile".

If I could get copies on CDR (or even tape) I will be very grateful and cover the costs involved. Thanks

Asked by Will

I used to be in Shrapnel and have got the demos on cd, send me your address and Iíll do a copy for you,

Answered by Dai

What is the infectious song that had a chorus along the lines of Ooh La la la la la, Ooh la la la

Longshot. A few times in 1983/4 I visited the Sugarhouse club in Lancaster where the DJ was more than happy to play a few punk songs to appease the local gang who were likely to get "irritated" if they wern't recognised etc. Usually it was A/Ulster, Clash, S69 etc. However they always played an infectious song that had a chorus along the lines of Ooh La la la la la, Ooh la la la - During which time we put our hands behind our heads and thrust our pelvises. Any idea?

Asked by Joe Halstead

sounds like it could be the chorus to "party in paris" by the uk subs
Answer by Gary
Could be Zulu Beat by King Kurt
Richie MDM

Answered by

track down a copy of 'the boy looked in johnny'

dont supose you can help me out trying to track down a copy of 'the boy looked in johnny',the obituary of rock'an'roll by parsons an co. ive got a copy but its an original and is in 3 pieces and is mising the front cover

Asked by Kane

It's on Amazon.com for a mind numbing $23 but at current exchange rates it may not work out too bad, just depends how bad you want it. http://www.amazon.com/Boy-Looked-Johnny-Obituary-Rock/dp/0571129927

Answered by Ian Goldsmith

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