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Tracklists for all the Xpozez singles

What the tracklists for all the Xpozez singles? Many years ago I got them taped by Andy Turner, but I simply can't read his handwriting..

Asked by bastard712001@yahoo.com

Systems Kill Ep - Run Wild / Systems Kill / Skitzofrenia / New Law Retaliation Records 1981

1000 Marching Feet / Terminal Case Red Rhino Recs 1982

(Be My) New York Doll / Its All Been Done Before Sexual Phonograph Recs1983

Force Fed The Truth Drug Ep - Torture/ Libido A Go Go / Manipulator / Set Me Free Cor Records 1984

(Be My) New York Doll / Its All Been Done Before Retaliation Records 1984
I think thats the lot mate....i could be wrong

Answered by ?

Sex Pistols Documentry - venues needed

I am directing a Sex Pistols documentary for Alba Media on behalf of The Biography Channel The reason for my e-mail is in regard to punk venues that I am looking to film at on a small super 8mm to recreate a 70's look I was wondering if you may be able to help me with any punk venues coming up that I may be able to pop down to film cutaways of punk crowds

Asked by Paul McAleavey

If you get up to Leeds just head for Josephs Well,The Fenton,Rios or the Cockpit on any of the many nights when punk bands are on. They are the nearest thing now in Leeds to when we used to go to the F-club and the Natural Disasters nights at Adam & Eves.

Answered by ?

Needed: Oi! bands

I am a Film Maker in London who is doing a documentary on 'Oi' music. I am desperate to interview some bands to ask them their story of 'Oi' and the significant events in the genre's history. Do you know of any bands that would be willing to talk to me,

Asked by Paul

Talk to CODE 1 @ www.myspace.com/code1234 as they should be able to help you

Answered by ?

Getting in touch with David Ferguson

Years ago I was in a punk band called Stress. We achieved some success by playing at the Blue Coat Boy in Islington (aka Skunks), amongst other venues, and by bizarre chance, all the original band members met-up last nigh for a reunion. Sadly none of us managed keep any of the old recordings or demos tapes and wed really like to get back together for one last blast. At the time, a chap called David Ferguson helped us get gigs and did loads live recordings. This must have been back in 81-82. Have you heard of him and do you know how to get in touch with him? Last I heard he was a record dealer. Id really like to get my hands on an old recording so that we can get it back together.

Asked by Liam

I believe you can get in touch with Dave at the following email address - ?@hotmail.com & yes he will probably have the recordings.

Answered by Dominic

Which 80's band did a cover of 'Holocaust' by Crisis

Anyone know which 80's band did a cover of 'Holocaust' by Crisis ? I had a cd with it on but sadly long lost ! P.S. I can copy 'We are all Jews and Germans' cd by Crisis if anyone is interested ?

Asked by Jon

The part German/part English band called OUT OF ORDER covered ('stolen from..'')'Holocaust' by CriSiS on their only LP called 'OPEN PRISON' released around 82 in Germany only..on h'art label..pretty hard to track down,but well worth it-they also did a 7" ep & a joint 7" with another GREAT half German/half English band ,also based in Germany from 79-82 ish,called AHEADS (not to be confused w/the a heads on bluurg recs from uk)-they released a great ep in 79 & a CLASSIC self titled lp on aggressive rock recs in 81,another rarity,but absolutely great...the single members of OUT OF ORDER & AHEADS did was released under the band name OUT OF OUR HEADS ! -need a cdr of all of the above?-lemme know.
Answer by LEEthargic
I think the band was The Upright Citizens, who I believe were from Scandanavia.
Answer by Dominic

i was the guitarist in the said band, also in out of our heads,we did record hollocaust ,with permission from crisis,,the upright citizans did it later ( also labelmates of ours, and shared the same manager ) i have put our album open prison on bearshare for people to download free, as an original vinyl copy is very scarce indeed as we only pressed 1000 copies, anybody have any questions or queeries they can contact me on doctordupree@yahoo.co.uk

Answer by john keating

Answered by

Tracklist to the "Slaughter and the dogs - Live Slaughter Rabid Dogs LP

did anyone have the Tracklist to the "Slaughter and the dogs - Live Slaughter Rabid Dogs LP, recorded at Manchester?s Belle Vue on 9th July 1977"?

Asked by Oliver

You're a bore
Who are the mystery girls
Johnny T
Where have all the boot boys gone
We don't care
Waiting for the man
Victims of the vampire
Boston babies
I'm mad
We don't care

Answered by various people

Meaning of Jah and babylon

Can you please explain the meaning of Jah and babylon in Punk.

Asked by Mabs

Jah is the name commonly used for God in the Rastafari movement. It comes from the Hebrew Yah.
The term Babylon, reffers to any form of oppression, whether it is from the white man, or the black man, in general, when Jamaicans use the term is usually aimed at the police force, or the government. Not that I'm an expert but thats what a book I read years ago basically said.
Answer by Ian
The words Jah and babylon have nothing to do with punk other than that punk and reggae were closely connected in the early days, they are common in reggae and therefore in some punk/reggae crossover such as the Ruts' "Jah War". Jah is the name of the Rastafarian god, Jah Rastafari. Babylon is basically oppression, this website explains its origins. http://debate.uvm.edu/dreadlibrary/dbardfield.html
Answer by Adrian

Answered by

the live Chaos Tapes

I am trying to collect the live Chaos Tapes that were released in the early 80's. I have Vice Squad, Chron Gen, Discharge & UK Subs tapes, and know there is a GBH tape. Does anyone know the full list of how many of these tapes were released ?

Asked by Ian

LIVE 01 Discharge - London ----- this is the only one i'm not 100% sure on - it very rarely appears
LIVE 02 Anti Pasti - Live at Lyceum
LIVE 03 Vice Squad - Live at Marples
LIVE 04 Chron Gen Live at Leicester
LIVE 05 Chelsea Live at Marquee
LIVE 06 The Fall - Live in London
LIVE 07 GBH - Live 100 Club
LIVE 08 Higsons - Live at the Jacquard
LIVE 09 UK Subs Live at Gossips
LIVE 10 Adicts - Live at Moonlight Club
LIVE 11 ????????????????????????
LIVE 12 Abrasive Wheels - Captured Live

all of them should come in a professionally produced sleeve, with a hand stamped number and a note on how many were released, quite often not a full track list though!
all the cassettes are proffesionally duplicated though only some are on proper printed cassettes, some simply look like blank cassettes. I;ve seen 4 copies of the anti pasti tape and all have an Anti nowhere League show on the bside of the tape. (the anti pasti concert only fills one side)
They were official tapes, and royalties were paid (or at least that's the intention) and a number of them featured in the indie charts, so they seem to be officially sanctioned

The abrasive Wheels one is not thought to be part of the series, although it apes the style of the earlier ones it appeared a couple of years later.
Most of these tapes form the basis of the relative bands Live and Loud concerts on Link...

I have spare UK Subs at Gossips tapes if you want to buy one, ask us for a price.
Answer by stu Decay
I’m not sure how many were released but there was also a Chelsea tape. Hope this is of use
Answer by Richie MDM
I remember this tape series quite well. Although I can't provide a definitive list, there were also tapes by Chelsea & I believe Theatre of Hate & the Fall.
A clue as to how many were released can be gained from the release numbers, for example the UK Subs is release number 9.
If memory serves me correctly, this tape series was put out by Lee Wood who started up Raw Records & later went on to run the Chaos label, which put out some Pistols records amongst other things
Answer by Dominic/East End Badoes
Afraid I binned my CHELSEA one after it failed to sell on eBay earlier this year! It was Live at Norwich 1981 and featured otherwise unavailable 'Sunglasses After Dark,' which I since found a studio version of (as 'S.A.D') on the 1992 'Traitors Gate' CD on Weser Label.
GBH tape is Live at the 100 Club 1981, serial number CHAOS 007.
THE FALL's tape is now available on CD ( no surprises there then!) but in its original incarnation was Live in London 1980, CHAOS 006.
Not sure of the others in the series.
Answer by Chard
Wish I could help you with exact catalogue numbers, but I know that there is an Abrasive Wheels live tape and a Chelsea live tape as well. I'm sure about those, and I want to say I've seen an Anti-Pasti one as well but I'm not positive about that. I wouldn't mind collecting those one day as well, I've only had the UK Subs one before as they were quite hard to come by in the States. I have also wondered if they had any connection to Chaos Records, the 1983-or-thereabouts label run by Lee Wood who found previous success with the 77-80 label Raw Records. (Chaos Records didn't release much, only 3 I can remember. a Sex Pistols "Submission" 12" single, the First Offence " Night the Punks Turned Ugly" 7" which is great, and The Sick Things " Legendary Sick Things (Anti-Social Disease + 3) ep" 7" which had been scheduled to come out as a Raw 7" in 1977 but never did due to Raw's bankruptcy.)
Answer by Carl from Maryland

Answered by

Lyrics for Major Accidents - leaders of tomorrow

can anyone out there help me out on the lyrics for Major Accidents - leaders of tomorrow.appreciate it if someone can.

Asked by snaba

Take a look around you
Tell me what you see
Faces full of anger
And anxiety

It's the youth of today, sometimes full of sorrow
These are the faces, the leaders of tomorrow

Death and destruction, rise up all around
The cry of the legion, no more a voiceless sound

Soon the kids will harden, try to right from wrong
The cry of the legion, now a victory song

Never believe all is lost
Or you'll be left counting the cost
We'll be the leaders, Just you wait and see
And tomorrow belongs to you and me

Answered by Con

A copy of Jugular Vein fanzine

hi, looking for a copy of a scottish punk fanzine from early 1980's called JUGULAR VEIN or even point me in direction of where i can still purchase one.

Asked by andycandycc@yahoo.co.uk

I have got issue 2. Will send you a scan of the cover. I could upload scans to flickr, so you can look at it. If you want my old copy, make me an offer. (30p +sae in the good old days!)

Answered by Richard

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