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Band News: Stomper 98

When we were talking with the Stomper 98 guys about releasing their new album a few months back, the boys made clear: "This will be our best album yet, no doubts!". And when we've got the recordings a few months later it was solved: they haven't promised too much. This is the best Stomper 98 album ever, this is probably the best german Oi! album of the last decade. At least. Upon the first note makes clear: This is an Oi! album in the tradition of the german legends from the 80s. Pure and raw power, 110% Skinhead lyrics, 110% Oi! Music. It's Stomper 98 at it's best, aggressive vocals, melodic guitars, a powerful bass and drum sound spiced up with that smart implement of the saxophone which makes the band so unique. To compare the sound of Stomper 98 to other bands is not an easy task, there is a lot of german 80s Oi! music in, just think about bands such as the infamous BÖHSE ONKELZ, there is also some french influences like KOMINTERN SECT and, to name a few newer bands, there is also some LION'S LAW in the new STOMPER album.



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