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Out Of Order Interview


Let start with what the most out of order untrue story that you have heard about the band? And what is the most out of order thing that you have actually done?

I don't care what people say about us. I'm not obsessed with what people think of me. We are who we are. We stick up for our friends. We stand by our convictions and aren't willing to toss our values out for a place in the human centipede scene. There has been so many times when all the chips were down and most bands would have laid down for the 10 count but we are fighters and adversity only makes us stronger.

There are plenty of newish oi! Bands about in the UK at the moment, what is the scene like in Canada? How has it changed since you started?

There are actually a lot of great bands in Canada right now. The Strike, Bats Out, Kroovey Rookers, Bishops Green, Anvil Strike, Tailgunner, Reckless Upstarts , the Enforcers, Bourbon DK, True Grit to name a few. There is some great music coming out and we are happy to get to play with some great bands all the time. The scene is strong now but I'd like to see it a little less divided then it is. Coming up I found the scene more unified then it currently is.


It took you quite a few years from forming, to playing your first gig – why was that?

Well I think we were working hard and just being patient. We didn't want to rush into things until we were ready. We were also very young and we're still learning.

Is your following mainly punks or skins? Which genre do you each mainly affiliate with – or do you not see a difference? And do you think you get less hassle from being a bit of a mix, than being pure oi!?

I'd hope that we have a good mix of punks and skins. Skunx for life! Oi music is just a boiled down version of punk rock. I don't trust anyone who says they only like Oi and not punk rock. It's the same thing! I don't like to box ourselves. I personally associate with skins but we all have a very broad range of influences. As far as hassle goes.. I don't give a fuck. We all get served a shit sandwich no matter what. It's just a matter of whether you want the crust on or cut off that shit sandwich before you take a bite. Fuck it! Got a problem? Say it to my face.

You have shared gigs and festivals with some great bands, who have been your favourite to gig with? And who would you love to tour with? And what is the answer?

There has been so many amazing bands we have been lucky enough to share the stage with. We've made friends that we will have for life. I loved playing with Bad co. in Germany a couple years ago. I'm a huge Oxymoron fan and it was so awesome playing with them. If the Skinflicks ever get back together and tour, sign us up!!

You played the Skinhead Reunion – how did that go? And was it your first time in the UK?

Oh the Reunion was a blast. Some great DJ's were nailing the vibe down all weekend. Couldn't stop dancing. Arch Rivals, Sindicato Oi, and Vicious Rumours all killed it. We met a lot of great friends and would love to come back in the future. Symond threw together one hell of a party. That tour was the first time the band came over to the UK and what a beautiful time that was. Met so many great people. And will be coming back in 2018. 


What do you do the rest of the time when you are not touring?

We all work different jobs. I don't think there is a thing called rest. We are always working on some aspect of the band. Writing , recording or booking our next show and tour.

If you could only ever listen to one album again what would it be and who introduced to the band?

Damn. That's a hard one. I'd say it'd probably be a toss up between the Clash, London Calling and Springsteen's, The River. I honestly don't know who brought the clash into my life. It's just always been there since I was a kid. That album is pure brilliance with a lot of depth and diversity. Springsteen, a pal of mine introduced me to about 10 years ago and my understanding of what Springsteen represents grows everyday. There is so much room however for that album to grow in my mind and that's why I'd take that album with me to the deserted island with me..

Stuck in the Mud got a great review on Punk & Oi In The UK by Andy, how is it being received elsewhere, and do people seem to have a favourite stand out track?

Thanks a lot Andy! I think it has been pretty well received. I haven't heard anyone tell me they hate it yet. We've had a lot of great feedback from people all over the world. I'm happy that people enjoy our blood, sweat and tears. There are a couple tracks that I really like playing but I'd have to say that "Saint James" is my favourite song to play live. The song is about a really crazy weekend and it always brings a smile to my face when reminded about it through the lyrics of the song. 

You are coming back over next year (2018), please can you share some of your plans and will you be playing mainly new or old stuff? And do you think Canadians share more with people from the UK, or America?

We are really excited about 2018. We have a lot of things lined up. We are going to be back over to Europe in the spring, doing France, Belgium and Germany. Then we are back to England in September for a great tour. We are also writing and gearing up to record our newest album entitled BLOOD, in the spring so most likely you will be hearing some new stuff in upcoming gigs.

Canadians are a crossbreed of Americans and the English. I would say we lean slightly closer to UK as we have a little more global outlook then our southern neighbour. We still like sugar in our cereal though.

Thanks a lot for the interview. We really appreciate the support. We're looking forward to coming back over across the Atlantic. Swing by Randale Records to pick up our last album, Stuck in the Mud.



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