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The Oppressed
16/06/2004 (interview with Roddy Moreno)

So why get the Oppressed back together after all this time? And are the inspirations still the same?

Truth is we want to earn some money playing the odd festival. We'll still be promoting a SHARP/ANTI-FASCIST attitude but the main reason is the money. We reckon we deserve some payback for all the years we put in and at my age it's now or never.Now we are at it again I'm writting new stuff and getting a the old buzz again. The inspiration remains the same though,it's just More Music for Hooligans.

How have you seen the scene change since you first got into it? And do you think it is for the better or worse?

At the start it was all just "Havin' a laugh and Havin' a say, but all to soon the Fascists jumped on board and fucked the whole scene. What started as a pure working class streetpunk scene became a recruiting ground for right wing politics. The world and his wife had us all written off as Nazis and we all faced an uphill struggle to reclaim things from the politicians. And before anyone starts shouting that our side are just as bad for politics remember it was the Fascists who brought the politics in and we are a re-action against that. In other words, if the Fascists hadn't have brought their politics to the table then we wouldn't need to fight back. These days it all changed and The white Noise crowd have splintered off into their own little demented world while the real Oi! has gone from strength to strength. Now it's a worldwide thing with countless festivals and bands playing. But don't nobody be fooled, the Fascists are still out there and given a chance they'll try and take over again.

Who's in the band these days, and how has the personnel changed over the years? Are you still in contact with old band members and if so, are they still involved in the music scene?

The band is me, vocals/guitar, my brother Dom on bass, Floyd on guitar and
Tony Kizmus (ex Societys Rejects) on drums. You can see a complete history of band members on our website http://www. theoppressed. co. uk . I still see Ducky down the football every now and then but ain't seen the others in years. I don't think none of the old members are involved in music these days except our old drummer lee who does some session work but nothing in the Oi! scene.

How is your new album coming along and what can people expect?

You can expect more of the same. Like the old saying goes "NO MESS- NO FUSS-JUST PURE IMPACT. I've got about half a dozen new songs written and 3 of them will be out by xmas on a Japanese split C-D with UNITED FRONT from Scotland, UNITED WE STAND and Oi! VALCANS both from Japan.

What has been the highlight and lowest point of the bands history?

The highlight would be playing an AFA benefit in the Camden Irish Center in 1996. It was our last gig and we had the Stage Bottles over from Germany. It was like it used to be in the early days. No seagull spotters giving people grief, just a big party. I don't think there's ever been a low point. Even through all the riots and police escorts back to Cardiff we didn't take it to serious. I can only write dead basic punk songs and I've never thought we was anything more than lucky bastards. We ain't really into being a band, we just do a bit when it suits us. At the end of the day our lives go on with
or without the band.


Over the year you must of heard plenty of Oppressed covers. What your favourite and least favourite you have heard and who would you be flattered to cover one of your tracks.

It gives me a buzz whenever someone covers one of my songs but I don't do favourites coz they all make me proud. If someone famous done a cover and cheques started falling through my letterbox then I'd be flattered.

What is the strangest rumour you have ever heard about the Oppressed?

"The Oppressed are fuckin' Commies". What a load of old shite. The nearest we ever come to being Commies is voting Labour. Yes I know Blair and his middle class wankers are no better than Torys but they're still the best bet when the BNP got someone standing. The funniest one was some cunt saying I would send my Fascist Thugs around!! So now I'm a Nazi and a Commie. Also the rumour about me and Sporty Spice were greatly exagerated.

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

We don't carry flicknives, we dont carry lead.
We only carry hatchets, to bury in your head.
We don't carry shotguns, we don't carry chains.
We only carry hatchets, to bury in your brains.

The Oppressed - The A. F. A song. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Yes I know I wrote it but it came from an old Cardiff football chant and it brings back sweet memories.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004.

We got the 3 new tracks on the Japanese C-D "UNITED SKINHEADS". I'm working on more songs for a studio album in early 2005, and we might be playing Berlin in January 2005. Later this year we plan 1 or 2 small gigs in Cardiff to warm up for the festivals.

Any final comments?

Cheers to you beccs for the interview. Your doing a great job helping to keep the spirit of Streetpunk alive and kicking.
And to everyone else, "FUCK FASCISM BEFORE IT FUCKS YOU".
And if anyone thinks that's political, "FUCK YOU AS WELL".

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