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No Quarter Interview


Where does the name No Quarter come from? And what other names did you have in the pipeline?

The name comes from an old military saying meaning “Show no mercy”. We got the name when I was watching an old war film. (Can't remember which one!!!) There was a few names thrown around, I originally wanted to call the band “Violent Agenda” but everyone else thought it was shit. Fuck ‘em I might use it with another band/project one day! hahaha

How would you describe the band in terms of sound, lyrics and attitude?

Modern Oi! with bollocks.

How did you get together in 2013? And how did you first hear oi!?

We were fed up of there being no young bands, Skinfull were the last young skinhead band before us and even they started a good 8 years before we got going. They were a huge influence on us, especially with them being another midlands band. I grew up listening to Oi!

I love ‘Ain’t What I Call Oi!’ (as well as other NQ tracks). Did any band who it could have been possibly aimed at ever take it up with you? And has the oi! Scene changed at all since you wrote it?

Haha funnily enough no. Yeah the scene has changed a lot in such a short time, the political power struggles and division from outsiders have gotten worse. Nowadays there is a huge “new breed” of British bands, we're not allowed to be part of it though!

What has been the highest and lowest part of the bands history? 

Sounds shit but there are no low points that I can think of. It's all been great fun.

You put on your own all dayer ‘This Is What I Call Oi!’ - how did this come about? Who would you like on the line-up who hasn’t been on it so far?

This came about because we were fed up of political cavemen from either side ruining the gigs, fed up with not a lot of gigs happening and fed up with not being able to play anywhere. Some bands that we'd love to play (some impossible) Condemned 84, Skinfull, The London Diehards, InDex, Retaliator, B-Squadron, The Corps, T.H.U.G, Plan Of Attack and Take That.

Your song ‘2013’ makes me feel old (I am). How do you feel when you hear songs about 1984 etc and songs about things going on in the 80’s etc?

Bored as fuck. I wasn't born until 95!

What band had the biggest influence in your life and why?

Probably Rancid. I learned to play guitar to “Out come the wolves” and “Indestructible” as a 7 year old.

When does your album ‘No Sleep To Digbeth’ come out, and what are the covers you mention are on it?

No idea when it will be out yet, hopefully later this year! We only actually got the master CD to the label last week. Useless bastards that we are. Can't tell you what the covers are yet!

What is next for the band? And the individual band members?

Record a new studio album (At this point titled “Society Falls”)

Play a couple of gigs with/for friends

Put the band on hold for a bit.

Jedd will take over the world, Neil will become a famous male model, Jack will start his own French bakery, Sam will lose the plot and go on a killing spree and Charlie will buy a house in Beverly Hills from his share of all the money we've earnt.

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