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Intensive Care
09/06/2003 (interview with Brendan)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Intensive Care were formed in July 2000 in Highbury innit! We got the band together to put the humour back into the punk scene and to raise money for the Gary Glitter Defence Fund.

Current line-up:
Phil-Rhythm Guitar
Joe-Lead Guitar
K G Fucka-Drums


North London's Finest - new album out soon on Dislocate Records
Don't Fuck With Us! 2001 Album
On Fat Bastard Records, only 2000 copies pressed, now sold out, I don't even have a copy myself.
Riot On My Own Compilation (Belfast)
... and various other punk comps (too numerous to mention).

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

Oh Yes, lots of wanky side projects here, Joe our guitarist plays bass in Active Slaughter (who sing about Animal Rights whilst spraying Conflict on the backs of their leather jackets!). Phil sings for dodgy OI! Band BOTTLEJOB, Clara used to play bass in PMT and Zero Tolerance and had a brief stint playing for the U.K. Subs. Brendan our singer used to front skate band BUSTED but was unceremoniously dumped by the record company after the sex and drugs slur in The News Of The World.

Why did you call the band Intensive Care and do you ever regret choosing that name as it has been used elsewhere?

We got the idea for the name after an all night sex marathon when our bum holes got sore and dry so we reached for the Vaseline Intensive Care (very soothing). The Vaseline bit was dropped after a lengthy court case. We heard that there was a sweaty sock band from Scotland 20 years ago with the same name but they'd split up before we were born. They're now called Queerzone, I think.

At HITS I thought you gave Steve Arrogant (Special Duties) a run for his money in amusing ranting on stage, is this something you plan or which comes naturally? Do you get much participation back?

At HITS we were so pissed and played so badly we just decided to take it out on the audience. We love crowd baiting and getting everyone going.

Describe your sound and the main theme to the lyrics.

We play stripped down OI with a few Ska riffs. We sing about the 3 F's.
Fun, Fighting and Fornicating.

What is the best and worst gig you have done and who else was on the line-up?

The best gig was at the Lord Cecil pub in Hackney. Just after finishing recording the new album, we came straight out of the studio onto the stage. We cam on to the 'Rocky' theme, in our shorts and boxing gloves, with Clara dressed as a Bunny Girl holding up a score card. Can't remember who else was on the bill. Whoever they were we blew them all away that night.

The Worst gig has to be Gravesend with One Way System, not 'cos we played badly but 'cos we ended up brawling on the stage and getting stuck in deepest shittiest Kent for the night after we missed the last train back to London. Believe it or not. We broke into Barclays Bank and slept in the foyer.

What is punk?

Punk is a collection of misfits and wasters who move to big cities so they can bum around drinking cider and takin' drugs and living in squalor whilst moanin' and rippin' each other off to react against their middle class upbringings. Alternatively, it's a bunch of arsey students who have political meetings and no one turns up to telling the other 'punks' how to live their lives whilst printing leaflets and giving their money to the Socialist Workers Party. The punk scene needs a good kick up the arse and we're the band to do it!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

We're headlining the Bournemouth Punx Picnic on June 14th. Then we play the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town with DEFIANCE and 17 STITCHES on June 30th. We're hoping to go to Ireland in July, and then we're off to Rochdale and hopefully Manchester in mid-August. Our new album is just being released on DISLOCATE RECORDS titled: 'NORF LONDONS FINEST'

Any final comments?

We are the best band in London.
You know it, we know it, everybody knows it!


Intensive Care
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