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Hospital Food Interview


How did the band get together in the first place, and what other bands have members played in?

the band was talked about for years before anything was put together , the first line up was me, nathan on guitar , ben savage on bass, scoffa on vocals and a few diffrent drummers at the first few rehersals, we started practising in about april 2009 , our first drummer to play any gigs was russ petcher, and our first gig was supportin abrasive wheels in harrogate at an all day fest

band wise i have played in giggin bands since 1985 , but non know just cover bands really in pubs and wmcs round north of england , ben was just 18 wen we started , so i think he had played in a school band , and our first singer scoffa was in a band in brighton called the sperm ov doom

Are you still happy with the name Hospital Food? And did you have any other names in the running?

the name was actually chosen by the singer from the first line up, their was no other ones considered, i suppose i instigated the actual band formin , but my plan was to actualy play a punk gig , i was in my early 40s and had started playin because of my love of punk, yet id never played in a giggin punk band , and i had been giggin for 20 odd years at that point , so i just wanted to say i had done even just once what i started playin for all them years ago , and here we are almost 9 years and 200 gigs later

For those who have not heard you, please describe your sound and what some of the things you sing about?

well our sound has changed, the first singer wanted it to be a very thrashy band , and i wasnt ever intrested in that , i love SLF clash, chron gen more melody in the song kind of bands , so our first songs were quite thrashy and not very tunefull , although we still do a couple of the songs we first wrote , the song writin happens in diffrent ways it used to be me knockin out a couple of chords at a practise then they kinda turned into a chord progression and scoffa would put some words to them , but after scoffa wen it became me and ben that write the songs , some songs i write at home but at practise we as a band decide how they will sound , or some of the songs ben has had the words wrote and il figure out some chords tp put the words to, we have songs about everyday life , history , tv shows , drinkin, , i suppose with their been such a big age range in the band we all have diffrent outlooks on life , im 50 with 4 growin up children so i see things diffrent to ben who 27 lives with his girlfriend and then our drummer dom whos just 21 a student and like to be lets say fairly wild ,,,, but it works very well rather than all havin the same out look , we wanna enjoy playin , theres no money so if we didnt enjoy it there would be no point in doin it

What is your favourite gig you have played, and who else was on the line-up? What would be your dream gig?

favorite gig , thats hard , best thing we have done for me was first time we went to ITALY, we played 3 gigs and to be fair their wasnt anyone at any of the gigs but it was such a fantastic experience , we were so well looked after by our friends , IL COMPRESSO , and yes i know ive spelt their name wrong, infact we went over again this year and played in germany and italy with them , and this time the gigs all had ppl so again it was great , but theirs lots of other great gigs we have played , rebellion twice, nice and sleazy festival , warehouse23 in wakefield , we have played so many great gigs their , some gigs for fungal dave , who works so hard for us lesser know bands , and he really has stuck with us , our second gig was for him , and i would think every line up of the band has been put on by him , so i think to pick out a favorite gig is almost impossible , some blow u away , and not just if we are lucky enough to play a big gig sometimes little pubs put on belting gigs , i think we just love playin any gig

we will play with almost anyone , so far we have supported , cockney rejects, slaughter and the dogs, uk subs , chelsea,vibrator,999,lurkers,xslf,penitration,vice squad,the buisness,discharge,anti nowhere league, loads of great smaller band too , as for where would i love to play a gig with this band , i think id like to get on some big festivals , not just punk ones , but i cant see that ever happenin ,so we happy to play anywhere we get asked , but it would be nice if they helped pay expencers , some do , infact lots do , but theirs some that just dnt

Do you get nervous before a gig, and what do you to prepare for it? 

i look forward to every gig , i enjoy playin so much more now at 50 than i did in my teens and 20s , maybe because i fell whoops wrong button , maybe because i fell the band play very well , if someone dosnt like our music , theirs nothin we can do about it , we make a fairly plesant aggresive noise , im very happy with it , so no nerves at all ,

Do you think it makes a big difference to where in the country a band is located? Have you ever considered relocationg?

it seems some areas have much better punk gigs than others in uk , very much so, some towns seem to have a great small scene and ppl wanna come see new bands play , but then other areas u can end up playin to next to no one , and we have done plenty of them gigs, they are disheartnin , but what do u do , u cant drag ppl away from their tvs, u just gotta crack on and play ,i think we always give 100% at evey gig we have played , and of course we much prefer playin to an audience that to the other band and bar staff , but i think if makin music is what u do , then ur gonna carry on and its nice to go to a new area and find they have a punk scene with ppl who like to find new bands not just wanna see old band , thats a big problem in some areas , ppl only comin out for name bands , but again what can u do , u just gotta keep playin

What releases have you out, and what track seems to be fans favourite one?

so far as a band we have put out 3 albums and a demo album too , all diy , no help from anyone 1st album 2013, 12 original songs , sold out but we had more done and it still sells

album 2 , internet warrior, is 9 original songs and its close to sellin out , we released it in 2014 , and we also had a fair few demos so after our first album we made a demo 10 track cd, it hasnt any tracks from any album on it , but theirs a couple of tracks with the first line up and some tracks we recorded for first album but left off , i think its a great history demo album of the band , and we are just releasin our 3rd album , well to be honest we have been sellin it since may , its called, oblivian , it has 14 original tracks and if we sell enough we may put it out on vynil , if we can afford and if ppl wanna buy it , we have also done some patches, a couple of diffrent designs and 3 diffrent tshirts , we keep the prices as sensible as we can , 1st and second album are £5 ech , new album is £7 demo album is £2 patches £2.50 and tshirts £10, bein a diy band can make runnin the band hard as wen we buy shirts , cds we pay upfront and obviously we have to sell them to make our money back , before we can do anything wlse , hence 3 years between out second and third album, its definatly a labour of love ha ha

Do you think the internet and social media or a help or hindrance to bands, and how can you see things progressing?

we are on social media , facebook, itunes spotify youtube , soundcloud , it can be great but it can be the death of bands too , in punk world it seems theirs so many ppl who wanna destroy bands , we went through hell for a good couple of years by internet warriors , ppl who knew nothin about the band or band members , ppl who never even heard us , probably still havent to this day , that part of things like facebook are horrid , but its a tool and we need to use it , we have deffo had some gigs from social media , been to sweden , italy,holland,germay because of it , so theirs no way we could knock it ,and we know we have to take the stupid ppl on the chin , we over it , , and we will continue to use it if it can help us , we would be foolish not to !

What newish bands do you like?

newish bands , well i like , hung like hanratty , but they been goin over 20 years so maybe their not new, but what top guys, u see them at punk gigs they always support bands , stand at front of stage so ur playin to someone , and they do it for all bands , more ppl should try and watch bands on early at some gigs some of the new bands really rock , check out , taxi for bob , would think they not long left school , they play great maybe not a british soundin punk band but they a great band

Please share with us what is happening next for the band?

wellband wise we still have some great gigs in for this year , we at warehouse 23 supporting COCKNEY REJECTS and that will be gig number 200 for us , not bad to say we only started to do one gig , we got a gig in stoke with 999 on nov 17th at gig in hennor with the lurkers on nov 10th then we officialy releain our 3rd album at THE OLD TURK in dewsbury on nov 11th we finishin the year at the snooty foxclub playin a gig for wakefield food shelter , ten next year is lookin good , back to germany and italy , hopin for a few other places too ,nice and sleazy again , and we are playin in Glasgow too , hopefully think about album 4 towards end of year ... we shall see

on a last note , even though ive gone on loads , i wanna thankyou for redoin this great site , for doin ur bit for the punk scene , as a band we appreciate it so much , thankyou , also if ur readin this interview , remember we are 100% diy , try and see us if we playin near u, check out our merch stall and buy something , or if ur skint come say hello , its what we there for
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