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Dirty Love
14/06/2005 (interview with Clara & Liz)

The band was formed 8 months ago, how have things been going, and are you having fun? You all play / have played in other bands so why start a new band?

Clara: We are having a blast with this band – the songs come together pretty fast, then it’s straight to the pub for drinking and dancing. Rob (guitar) and Marty (drums) have played together since they formed Case in the early 80s; Paul has been guitarist in Menace for the past three years and was in The Stains before that; and I was in Zero Tolerance and Intensive Care. Yup, we’ve all been round the block a few times but we fancied having a go at doing something different. I spotted Liz’s vocal talents on the karaoke and I knew she’d make a great front woman.

If people come to see you live, what can they expect?

Clara: Expect catchy guitar-driven rock ‘n’ roll tunes about sex ‘n’ love. Every gig is different – it depends on the venue, the crowd, amount of alcohol consumed. Expect high heels and short skirts. Expect the unexpected. Dirty Love knows how to show you a good time and you won’t go home disappointed!

So are you putting the glam back into punk? You do a few glam covers – what are the main influences of the band?

Liz: The main influences of the band are all BAD ones…We love getting together, playing, drinking and having a laugh at gigs…and this we will share with anyone! We are throwing GLUM Punk to the curb…

How has your new release ‘Baby You Suck’ been received? Which track is the band’s favourite and what is it about?

Liz: We have had a brilliant response to the CD. I must say that ‘Baby You Suck’ is my favourite ‘cos it hints at the female frustration of the lack of good foreplay (pay attention boys)!

Clara: We recorded the four songs in two days at a mate’s studio and spent around £100. Jesus Las Vegas, the engineer, did a real professional job and we’re very happy with how it’s turned out. We’ve knocked it out on our own label and it’s available to buy from our website, or you can download two tracks for free.

There is no need to ask what inspires the lyrics, but who writes the lyrics? And are they all autobiographical?

Liz: The ones that I have written come from my own experiences over the years but also I love to role-play a little when I’m thinking up songs so anything is possible…(I also read the problem pages of the most reputable tabloid newspapers available).

Do you have a master plan on how to conquer the punk rock world, or do you plan to take what comes along? What tips would you give to a new band just starting out?

Liz: Yes, we plan to step on as many people as possible on our way to the top. We will do anything that it takes. Even if it means doing things that are physically and mentally disturbing.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

Clara: I wish I’d seen the Plasmatics cos Wendy O’Williams was the queen of rock ‘n’ roll excess. I’d like to see Nashville Pussy cos I love watching chicks who ROCK and of course I wish I’d seen The Sex Pistols in 1977 so I could have snapped up Sid before Nancy got in there.

Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century.

Clara: Rancid on Radio One… Polish crust bands in Hackney squats at 4am… falling over at punks picnics… Deadline selling out the Garage… bondage strides in TopShop… bald men with middle age spreads at Wasted… Green Day topping the charts… finding new bands on Myspace…

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2005.

Clara: We’re playing Punk Aid in Czech at the end of September, we’ll play some more shows around London. We’ll make an album when someone wants to pay for it. We have cool T-shirts available on our website.

Any final comments?

Clara: Thanks for the interview Rebecca, Punk and Oi! in the UK rocks. Check out our website at www.dirtylove.me.uk or email me at clara@dirtylove.me.uk.

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