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Control Interview


You are about to bring out your first two albums again on the newly formed Wild Colonial records. Is this your own label as you have a song of that name? Why and how has this album come about ?

Basically I have been interested in starting a wee label for a while now as have other projects on the go that I have written loads of songs for and although I have had them from as far back as 5 years ago, we start rehearsing them in the next week, literally, so end of September.

As I have the online band store, Mainstage Merch, and we also sell music, I think it is a natural progression/regression  to at least try it and as we now have the rights revert back to us as the Record Labels have 5 years to sell as many as they can, then it comes back to us, then everyone is happy as between the two the figures sold are around the 10,000 mark which we are told is great these days and as both vinyl and CD seem to be sold out  more often than not despite loads of re-presses, it will mean the band have copies of the first two albums in at least one format at the shows as we play somewhere in the UK or Europe every month.

I notice you left four tracks off, how did you decide which and out of interest which are they?

It is entirely due to a CD only having 74 minutes space for music so we had to chose some to leave off and decided it had to be ones we absolutely never play live and no doubt will still get stick for it but remember....it's not a new album it's the way we can ensure we have at least the vast majority of the first two albums with us and if it sells we will reinvest any monies in to re-doing both vinyl versions of the albums in their entirety.

For those who have been hibernating (not mentioning any names – Rebecca), how would you describe the band in terms of sound, lyrics and attitude?

Loud, powerful, melodic with songs which most of the UK population feelings to some degree with the mess the UK government has made of this country for the last ten years plus since that lying, two faced piece of shit Tony Blair started absolutely ruining everything we were proud of by saying one thing then doing the polar opposite from getting his wife to specialise in the new hot thing, The Human Rights, so he could sign it before it was fit for purpose, which he knew full well but didn't care as he was only interested in wealth, to signing the infamous "Weapons of Mass destruction" lie which basically sent off our young lads to be killed fighting somewhere they should never have been. He is a snake and the lowest form of life and everything that is wrong with today. Our songs sing about things that affect our everyday lives, about stupid rules but governments withoutjoined up thinking make us follow to the working man being crucified at every turn so the toffs can get rich from our hard work..

Do you have any new material planned? And how does the writing and recording process come about? Who will be on it?

Yes, we have enough new song ideas for at least 3 albums at present and tomorrow, 26th September 2017, we jam the first ideas, seriously. I get melodies and song ideas and choruses in my head, put them down on my bass guitar then sing it to the lads and go from there. The usual guys will be on it?

You have played in the UK, Europe and America where have you been best received? Is there anywhere that does not get the Control sound? Do you prefer festivals or regular gigs?

We have been very lucky to date as I cannot say there is a single place we have not had a great reception but we work very hard for this and put 100% in to all of our shows and are very lucky to have songs with catchy choruses that people will be singing when they get home after the show or the next day as we are told this all the time with people complaining they can't get this song or that song out of their heads.

Iain, you had Beerzone, and of course you are back together for the very well received Punk On The Peninsula in 2018, what about other band members, what bands have they been involved in?

The Business, Deadline, Sham 69 ( Pursey version), these are the biggest and I am in an absolutely amazing position where every one of the band members are absolutely top class musicians, but more importantly, are good friends.

Beerzone had jovial songs when you lived in a busy, dirty city, yet the sound and lyrics are grittier, angrier and sharper in Control, and now you are living amongst stunning scenery in Scotland – explain?   Does having young children change your outlook?

You have been away too long Rebecca ;-) (true - 9 years hibenating) .The first 3 Control albums were written when I was living in the busy, dirty city as you call it, the new album will be all about sunshine, love and roses ;-) Having young children makes me more determined to write music that when I am dead and gone, they can be proud of. .

What band had the biggest influence in your life and why ?

Exploited without a doubt. They proud a few tough, street urchins from Scottish Housing Schemes could conquer the world without bending to rules and regulations. I also love many other bands including Blitz, the Test-Tube Babies and UK SUBS and The Damned when growing up but these stand out as the most relevant by miles and when Beerzone started in 1997 not long after a whole host of great new bands appeared most influentially Rancid and the Dropkick Murphys who we were lucky enough to tour with including 3 or 4 tours with Dropkick Murphy's when they were still relatively new and hungry and were absolutely superb, then with Control we were over the moon to share a stage with Rancid who were also out of this word performance wise, really were. .

What has been the highest point and lowest point of Contol’s history? If you could do anything different, what would it be and why?

No such thing as low points with Control as we just keep on, keeping on, take no prisoners, tell it as it is and if people don't like it, we move on. Highlight was being told by both Charlie Harper and Lars Frederiksen that our 2nd album, Punk Rock Ruined My Life, was the best album in many, many years in the scene. When people like this talk, you listen.

Please finish with some surprising facts about the band members/band?

Shifty was once a trainee priest and got asked to leave when he was caught selling the brass candle holders from the church in a market in York. Not sure about any others but if think of some will send them later


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