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Close Shave Interview


How is it going for the band these days? And how would you like to see it going?

band is doing well at the mo...despite the naysayers ,keyboard warriors and crybabies,were still gigging and people are still turning up..lol..hopefully this will carry on,and eventually people will see through certain shitstirrers lies

Why did you call it a day originally, and why reform the group?

we called it a day for a whole bunch of reasons...lurch just got pissed off with the whole scene and its bullshit,other members took other paths which weren't really compatible withy close shaves beliefs..others just got bored.......CS reformed because thats what was needed to be done...too much stale crap about!

You have kept the hard hitting lyrics and sound what people either loved or hated you for. Over the years do you think some other bands have wimped out over time, and how do you feel about that? Have you ever been tempted to change for an easier life?

loads of bands have wimped out,turned turncoat/revisionist/denied their past/or just denied who they've partied with or shared stages with..its sad that once good friends have decided to "reinvent " themselves just so they can do certain "bigger"gigs...weve never been tempted by that crap...we like to think we've more or less stuck to what we believed in since the 80,s....play proper music,take the piss,have a laugh,and not take ourselves too serious....we leave that too the new crybaby generation of so called oi bands

Compare todays scene with when you started?  

the scene when we started was more down to earth..much more violent,and more woking class...now its wrapped in bubble wrap,risk assessed and everybody needs a safe space,or a non offensive scene to go with there perfect check shirts,freshly ironed bondage trousers,and brand new £200 doc martens from so called "oi shops"!!...wtf!!

A couple of your tracks on 2014 album Bad Reputation (especially Who Made You The Voice Of The National Conscience) are probably are my favourite CS song. Do you have more material written? If so, when is it due out and will you self-release again?

weve a lot of new material written and done,with a new album on the cards before the end of 2017

What process goes into writing the lyrics and constructing the songs?

..we get together..some of us will have written some lyrics,or got a tune..and we kinda just cobble it together over some beers...just like the professionals..lol

You wanted the rose back from Kinnock, what would you want back from Corbyn?

we don't want anything from corny corbyn...labour...tories..they are all privately educated greedy rich wankers...fuck the lot of them

What are your favourite lyrics from a song (they can be by CS or other band)?

night bus to chelmsley wood....true story,every word..and a reminder of the good days

What would your ideal line-up be at an all dayer gig ?

us,stripppers,no quarter,more strippers,a key board warrior hanging,..maybe queensbury rules,tmf,tenderisers,us and more strippers

Let’s finish with what is the most common misconception about the band?

misconception..that keyboard warrior crybabies think they know our political beliefs...or judge us by what some of us were 20 fucking years ago...lol....fucking idiots...go cry to your mummies...we are real oi

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