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Buster Shuffle Interview


Buster Shuffle have a very distinct sound, and in parts reminiscent of Madness.  What bands influenced you when forming the band?

Lots of British bands. We tried to take it all in but the ones that really shaped our sound are the Clash,  Madness, Cock Sparrer, Chas and Dave. But also some rock n roll acts like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. We tried to mash it all up.

What is the most surprising release you each own?

Jet- The Jungle Book original sounds track.,
Tez- Vangelis greatest hits.
James- the Power And The Glory Cockney Rejects
Gravy- the crazy beat of Gene Vincent

You have now been going for 10 years, what has been the highlight so far, and any low periods?

Touring the USA this autumn was amazing. Seeing the west coast really captured us and we want to go back 2018.  Also just playing with your child hood hero's like Cock Sparrer, Madness The Blockheads, The Beat has been top notch for us over the years, dream stuff for us sharing stages with those legends. Low periods- like for all touring bands i guess, being ill tired and a long way from home. Breaking down as well, i hate that when your gonna miss a show cause your vans fucked.

You have toured with a huge range of bands from different genres , ranging from punk bands such as the Broilers to Goldie Lookin' Chain to Chas & Dave .  Is there a particular genre of audience you like to play to best?

And which band have you most enjoyed touring with? Maybe Flogging Molly. They were great guys and great Guinness drinkers and had a great 3 shows with them. Chas and Dave were absolute gents and great to play with. I think working with Micky Gallagher from the Blockheads was the best and hearing his stories about touring with the Clash, that was something else.

Please share with us some on the road/gig experiences? 

Ahh man. Its mainly drinking excessively, limited sleep, lots of driving, lots of backstage hanging out, airports, waiting rooms. Think it was Keith Richards who said its basically 23 hours a day of hanging around and travelling with 1 hour of show time, its bonkers the stage time is so short yet it's the most important part. Mental.

Your new album I'll Take What I Want is out next month on Burning Heart Records, what can people expect in terms of lyrics and sound  from it? And is there any song you are particularly proud of?

Heavier, a bit more punk than before. Still got the ska undertone pinning it down but its definitely got more balls than any previous release. Lyrics wise we are a little more angry about the state of the country and the shit that's been going down. We've got a song about a miserable parrot we met at Bob Marley's house in Jamaica. Another song about a petrol station lock down when we stole a banana. We sing about important shit you know

What process goes into writing the songs, and putting the album together? And how long did it take from start to finish?

We get together and jam some ideas, then take the them away and work on the some more, then come back together and rehearse up the ideas and do some rough demos. Then when we have enough material we go into the studio and record the tracks. We try not to overplay them before hand in the reversal room so we can capture the original energy when we record them in the studio. From start to finish, 3 years to write it, demo it record it. It could have been faster but we've also been constantly touring which has slowed us up a bit.

Do you get to other bands gigs much? And what bands would you recommend checking out?

Not enough to be honest. Its hard sometimes but we always try and get out to support a band if we can. New bands we really like are Grade 2, Great British oi band and The Attack an American punk rock band who we've toured with a bit in the UK.

What social media and online platforms do  you use as a band, and do you ever have problems with trolling?

Not yet, but if we do get any they can fuck off. Try we use the obvious ones, facebook, twitter. Its hard to keep up with new platforms sometimes, so we try to concentrate on writing and touring. It is important though for sure.

You have the new album and more tour dates for next month – what do you have planned for 2018?

Yea album coming our late November then 2018 is gonna be touring, touring, touring! Oi!

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