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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Dogshit: Brezhnev started in October 1988 and in all those years I've never heard a 'brief' history, buy I'll try to keep it interesting. The original line-up kept it together for 8 years, toured through out Europe, brought out a full lenght CD and numerous 7 inch releases, plus compilations too boring to name. Than Heidi the singer got run out for 'health' reasons which were making it impossible for him to tour. After a German tour with some 50 years old pervert from Leeds singing, I got sent by God himself to save the Brezhnev-boys from oblivion. This I've managed to do...........just! Like very good punk band Brezhnev seems on the verge of self-destruction twice a week though in the 4-5 years since I've joined we've brought out one terrible 7 inch, a kick ass full-lenght (North America Sucks), a tribute album to ourselves (Decade: A Tribute To 10 Years Destroyka Punk) and we've kicked out about 4 guitar players.

We now have the best line-up ever with Oeb Madskull (Drums), Motor (Bass), Dogshit (Mic) and Mini-Manson (Guitar). We also have 15 of the best new songs which we will be recording in November for the new Brezhnev album.


Brezhnev debut - 1991
Join the Party - 1994
...In Vladiwookstock CD - 1995
Rocket to America - 1996
Steak Canadian - 1997
Norht America Sucks CD/LP - 1998
Decade; Tribute to Destroyka Punk - 1999
WWW. Bullshit/Control CD - January 2002

Why did you choose the name Brezhnev?

Dogshit: I've got no fuckin' idea and really it's a pretty stupid name except you don't have ta worry about anybody wanting to take it off ya!. Folk legend tells a story about how the original guitar player, Ola Carbona, had met the man himself and had been so impressed with how a man who was obviously in a coma could so effectively fuck up a country that he decided to pay tribute to him in much the same way other bands from 80's did with that other braindead leader Reagan. Most people we meet these days have never heard of Leonid Brezhnev so they don't konw we picked it off a Russian Party Chairman............ oh well.

Describe your sound.

Dogshit: Fucking loud........I think I'm going deaf! But our sound seems to be changin all the time. Ten years ago Brezhnev was known for Pistols/Ramones kinda punk, from the -Rocket to America (1996) through Norht America Sucks we definately went way 80's hardcore and now I think the new album is hardcore but with alot more Punk than the last record. If I had to describe our sound in one word it would be: INTENSE

How did you find the U.K. scene on your last tour, compared to the scene in the Netherlands?

Dogshit: We had a blast in the U.K. which is why we're coming back in October. You can't really compare the Dutch and U.K. scenes cause their completely different: Holland is very organized and there's a lot more money about for bands whereas in Britain the scen survives in the face of alot of disadvantages and in some ways that makes it better thouh it might not always feel like it. One of the parts of the U.K. scene that smokes all over the Netherpunk scene is the Brit fanzines are way better. Lots of cool small zines whereas over here it's like zines always have to have a glossy cover and a run of 5000 from issue #1 meaning they rarly get past issue #6. It's been my experience that when punk zines make they're priority an expensive presentation or a certain run number with a too frequent deadline they start neglecting the things that really matter like getting back to people and bands or the person that sends in their 3 dollar for a copy. I've had this problem with most big 'punk' zines including 'Fracture' and 'Reason to Believe'. Keep it small keep it punk.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst touring?

Dogshit: Shit that happens on tour that leaves you dieing with laughter often sounds stupid when you try to tell somebody later and stuff that seems like fuckin' torture on tour is pretty amusing after a couple days at home. Brezhnev has fun on the road as we always leave our hate for each other at home and unlike most bands touring more often than not will sae the band rather than finish it off. One time Motor was barfing alot and managed to puke through his nose which I didn't know was possible and than he threw up all over the hood of a big Mercedes while the fat German and his son watched from the front seat. We had a real blast on tour with the Bloody Sods in Germany last year when our crazy driver Wab shamed those yank rednecks in an ass licking competition. We've done the classic of running out of petrol on the Autobahn and than spent 2 hours driving around looking for the venue in the wrong city........ funny as fuck lator but pretty grim at the time.

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

Dogshit: Your damn tootin' we do! And we've done it so well for so long it's become a Brezhnev Classic.......... 'Proud to be a Canadian' by the Dayglo Abortions. We love that song and have alot of fun with it so I don't think we'll be droping it from the set any decade soon. We wanted to do a Plasmatics cover but the logistics of the whole venture proved overwhelming so we'll just stick with our Dayglos ditty.

What bands would you recommend checking out?

Dogshit: Some bands I've seen live in the last while that I really liked are The Real McKenzies, Oppressed Logic, The Donnas, Seein' Red, Zeke, The Bloody Sods, NRA, Human Alert, Voorhees and The Nitwitz. Mostly I recommend checkin' out unknown punkbands that play anywhere near you. I mean lets face it, 60 nutters freakin' to a no-name punk band playin' on a carpet in a shit hole is a Real Punk Show!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001.

Dogshit: The Hammer n' Sickos U.K. Tour 2001 starts in Boston on October 5th and the rest of the dates will be somewhere on this website. After that we go straight into the studio to record what will be our new album: 'WWW.Bullshit/Control' which will hopefully be out by 2002 but we're looking for a new label as our old label Vitaminepillen dropped us after we started making tribute albums for ourselves........... Anyway we're pretty happy with the songs for the new album and are pretty confident it's gonna be a rockin' album so hopefully there'll be loads more fun in 2002!

Any final comments?

Dogshit: Thanks for the interview Rebecca and I hope lots of people come out and support us on tour and take advantage of our amazing 2 for 1 CD Sale Stunt!! .......... Ya we can't give 'em away fast enough. If you wanna get in touch drop us a line at:
Postbus 57159
e-mail: dogshit81@hotmail.com / www.xs4all.nl/~fmotor/brezhnev/