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So why resurrect Blitz after all this time? And who is in Blitz these days?

Nidge. I never actualy gave up flying the Flag for Blitz. I just had a problem with the old school of fans who refused to accept the situation, i.e. myself being the only origional member. For all the interviews i did, i just could not get the point across that i simply wanted to go on the road and play the songs I wrote.

Now we have an entire new Generation of fans who do accept what i am doing, and if i am touring and playing those songs then i may as well use the name Blitz.

How did the recent US tour go?

Nidge. Great reaction at every show. The one big misstake was playing the over 21 clubs. There are so many new fans who are under 21, the shows realy need to be all ages and will be in future.

What are the main differences with the band and their attitude and ideals today compared with the beginning?

Nidge. Ok, time for some truths. The first idiots i worked with had no real interest in what we were doing, it was all just a pose to them, a chance to be in a band and be cool. They left the scene as soon as it was no longer cool to be in a Punk band. The survivors are the truth.

What is your favourite Blitz song and which song best sums up the band?

Nidge. New Age has to be my Fav, the story behind that song. No Future records called me and said we had been offered a slot on Channel 4' The Tube. This was shortly after the Voice album had Charted. They said it would be great if we had a new song to perform but we only had 4 days until we met the prodecer. So to there amazment i said "ok, i will write a new song now" Put the phone down and wrote New Age that afternoon haha.

Playing live i would say, Razors,SGD, New Age and of coarse Warriors.

What is the highlight and what is the lowest point in the bands history?

Nidge. There have been many highlights but the one that always comes to mind first was being played on Radio 1 during the national Top 30 countdown. The first suprise was hearing we had crashed into the top 30. Radio 1 aired the top 30 chart on friday evening and was heard by Millions. At 28 they played a track from a compilation of love songs and the track they played was "it started with a kiss" By Hot chocolate. Then there was a pause, i think the DJ was in Shock as he announced " at 27 Blitz, voice of a Generation" and he Played "We are the Boys" A friend of mine said he was stuck in gridlocked traffic and could hear Blitz blasting from every car radio lol.

I used to think the lowest point was when i split with the old lineup, but that was a blessing.

What is the strangest rumour you have heard about you?

Nidge. The story that i spent the night with Avril Lavigne.

The truth is that i was at a Party with a bunch or record company guys and promoters and i ended up in a Hotel room with some chick who was from Ontario - Canada and i remember the name avril Ramona. Also I remember she said she had moved to LA and signed a deal with Arista Records and that her music was kinda pop/punk.

A year later, Avril lavigne burst onto the scene and a few of the guys who were at that party are convinced that was the girl i spent the night with. Damnit, there was so much free drink that night, i dont remember lol - so maybe????

Oh and there is also the Rumour that i an the Son of 70's pop star "David Essex"
That may well be true, it's not something i care about so i have no interest in finding the truth.

Over the years you must of heard many Blitz covers - which is your favourite cover? And which band would be a particular honour for them to cover a Blitz track?

Nidge. Judge did a great version of warriors, Distillers version is ok, Brody does the vocals well.

Lars sent me a copy of Rancid doing SGD but i thougt it was played too fast so i just told him it was "different" lol.
I want to hear Charlotte Church do Warriors.

What were you up to in the years when Blitz was in hibernation?

Nidge. Pimping, and i still am.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2005.

Nidge. Texas and California are next on the list, some time after october. New songs are ready to record, they just need to be demo'd for the several labels who are interested.

All the old classics will be re recorded with better production.

Any final comments?

Nidge. Yup. A big thanks to all the New fans and the older fans who stuck with me.
Never surrender.

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