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5 Go Mad Interview


Can you give a little history to introduce the band to people who may have caught up with you yet?

5 Go Mad came together back in May / June 2015. Predominately based in Portsmouth. Current line up is myself (Alan Calver) on vocals, Brian Barnett (guitar), Andy Matthews (guitar), Luke ' Wozza' Warren ( drums) and Adam Hall (bass).

You have a great song called ‘Punk Police'. What run ins has the band had with the Punk Police? How do you think they are effecting the scene in general and what do you think the answer is against them?

We have had our fair share of run ins from the start, being accused of being sexist, homophobic, racist etc. Unfortunately the Punk Police are having a really negative effect on the scene, splitting what should be a united scene, getting gigs pulled, bands getting taken off bills, venues and promoters threatened. Personally i don't take any notice of what is being said about bands and will make my own mind up, if i want to see a band i will, if i don't like a particular band on a bill i will go outside for a ciggie or to the bar for a drink. No need to troll them online, bands put alot of work into writing songs and trying to get gigs and these trolls are normally based the other end of the country and just sit behind their keyboards. My advice to venues, promoters and bands is to ignore all rubbish online and carry on supporting this great scene we have.

Do you think social media is a help or hinderance to bands?

Social media is great for promoting your bands, gigs, releases etc. We have got so many gigs through fb and also sold plenty of merch to towns we have never been to. Unfortunately the downside is the Punk Police trying to ruin bands, Citizen Keyne being a point in case, a superb band that haven't played anywhere near enough the amount of gigs they should have.

Your songs tend to have a comedy element to them. Do you find it easier to write funny rather than serious lyrics? And what is each of your favourite lyrics in a 5 Go Mad song?

When we started we wanted to be a little different, let the other bands deal with all the serious stuff, although we do take on politics and mental health all be it with a slight tongue in cheek stance. The majority of the songs are true stories with a slight exaggeration. Some of my favourite lines are - She's really very ugly, belly full of flab, i heard she's got a fanny like a badly stuffed kebab (from She's Not Quite Right). Sat at home drinking and relaxing, it's icy cold with a real good head, and now good head has got me thinking, i'll have another drink and wank instead (Drinking And Wanking). Geldof Geldof, Shit Town Rat, sparkly suited fucking twat, you're a wanker we all agree, we hate you i guarrantee (Shit Town Rat).

Is there any subject you would not sing about? 

I can't think of a subject at the moment, as anything we do would be tongue in cheek anyway. We have songs written about vegans, religion coming up soon so expect a little bit of a backlash but anyone who knows us will take it as its meant.

Your sound is reminiscent in parts of Peter & The Test Tube Babies in both in sound and taking the piss lyrics, what other bands have you been compared to? And what band influenced each one of you most?

Early reviews had us compared to Test Tubes, The League, Toy Dolls and Macc Lads which is great. All those bands are a huge influence on what i wanted to achieve aklong with the likes of The Adicts, The Dickies, Splodge, The Gonads and Hung Like Hanratty. Another review had us described as the Southern bastard cousins of Dirt Box Disco which is something we will definitely take as a compliment.

Your album Lashing and Lashings of Five Go Mad was released last year. How was it received? And how long did it take to put together?

The album was recieved really well, lots of great reviews, sales to Europe and USA. We spent 2 days recording in the studio, so not long at all, there's a few things we would probably do differently now but ultimately we are very proud of what we achieved.

What is the biggest adventure (Enid Blyton reference) 5 Go Mad have had so far with the band?

The 2 biggest things for me personally have been seeing the introducing stage room filled to capacity when we played this year, hearing the roar after the first song finished just sent shivers down my spine.The other thing i am really proud of was being asked to be involved in Top Of The Punks charity compilation for MIND. We recorded an exclusive track for it and appeared along side some great bands including legends like Angelic Upstarts, The Defects and Stiff Little Fingers.

Please tell the readers 5 facts they will not know about the band?

1. All 5 band members suffer with some sort of mental health issue.

2. Brian used to be a member of Ad Nauseam back in the '80's (oh wait, he's already told everyone that).

3. Prior to joining the band Adam had never picked up a bass before, i rehearsal later and he was playing support to Jah Wobble and the following night The Dickies!.

4. Prior to joining the band Andy had only been playing guitar at home, now he is writing tunes and all of our lyrics.

5. The album was recorded and produced by an ex member of The Gonads (Nacho Jase) at a studio in Bournemouth owned by a member of Menace (Harvey Hark).

What is next for the band?

Next up is 2 more gigs to round this year off in Bournemouth and Plymouth. Next year is going to be busy again, hopefully get into the studio to record 2nd album. We are out on tour with Kid Klumsy (Weab Dirt Box) in January / February along with Suckerpunch, Spring Park, Death By Indie and Mr Bad Axe. Support slot to Dirt Box in Portsmouth and plenty of festivals too. Still waiting on a recall to Rebellion but plenty of other great diy fests out there to play and attend.

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