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Sunday 18 November

Worthing, Bar 42

Who Killed Nancy Johnson? + Rainmen + The Black Bullets + Vacarm Le Rouge + Orange Bomb

FREE admission and the chance to pay the bands direct during the show. This is a late-afternoon/early-evening show for a Sunday, with the music kicking off about 5.30 pm and all being done before 10 pm, so you can get home and get some sleep before you report to The Man on Monday morning. Come the Revolution, though... THE BANDS In alphabetical order: THE BLACK BULLETS - Low slung guitars, booze drenched vocals and high energy grooves are hallmarks of a Black Bullets performance. There is a growing scene of kick ass-bands tattooed sleaze bands in the UK, and the The Black Bullets are one of the best. "They drink, live, eat, throw up, sleep, breathe and drink Rock'n'Roll" - Sleaze Roxx. ORANGE BOMB - Possibly the perfect band to put on in an English seaside town, Orange Bomb are downbeat and bracing, their brilliant lyrics a mix of vox pop and nostalgia. It's pop punk of a sort - the band call it "heavy pop" - but pure 1970s punk in its honesty and DIY approach. RAINMEN - Taking influence from Marmozets, Mr Bungle, Frank Carter, and Butthole Surfers, RainMen's chaotic fusion of fuzzy, rambling punk with experimental metal makes for an extraordinary live show that's not easy to forget. The UK's no. 1 filth band? VACARM LE ROUGE - Three-piece speed-freak no nonsense political punk rock and roll from a classic Toulouse band currently celebrating its 30th year touring. Rarely seen in the UK, we're delighted to welcome them to Worthing for the first time. WHO KILLED NANCY JOHNSON? - Since their first gigs at the start of 2016 Reading-based WKNJ have grown into one of the most exhilarating live bands on the circuit. Strong songs, constant movement and a touch of theatre. Not to be missed. THE RUNNING ORDER No Nation Punk doesn't book support acts! Be there ready to start at 5.30 pm and you won't miss anything. THE PROMOTER No Nation Punk is a non-profit DIY outfit bringing exciting UK and overseas punk bands to local venues. The price? You decide. It's free to come in, and once in you can listen for free and then pay the bands you choose, direct, whatever you want and can afford - or just buy their merch. THE VENUE Bar 42 has just had a face lift and a refit and opened again for music in the summer. Good selection of drinks, excellent sound system, intimate band area so you'll be up close and personal with the musicians. And the location is brilliant - step outside and you can see the sea - cross the road and down the pebble beach and you're in it.

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