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All 8  Gigs for London (Camden)

When Where Who What Shop

Friday 30 March

London (Camden), Underworld

Crisis + Morgellons, Actifed + Jellly

Saturday 7 April

London (Camden), Underworld


Saturday 16 June

London (Camden), Underworld


album release

Saturday 14 July

London (Camden), Fiddlers Elbow

The Warriors + Royal Oi! + Scandal + KBS

Saturday 14 July

London (Camden), Underworld

Chelsea + The DeRellas

Saturday 4 August

London (Camden), Underworld

D.R.I. / M.D.C. / Vicious Circle

Saturday 15 September

London (Camden), Underworld

Feckin Ejits

Saturday 13 October

London (Camden), Unicorn

Hospital Food

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