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All 11  Gigs for 31/03/2018

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Saturday 31 March

Blackpool, Waterloo

Abrasive Wheels + The Varukers + Xslf + Born To Destruct + Potential Victims + Litterbug + The Terrosaurs + No Thrills + The Awkwards

30 Anarchy at The Waterloo 2K18

Saturday 31 March

Bolton, BarMetro.Rocks

The CundeeZ + 4 Past Midnight + Buzzbomb + Panic Attak + Crimedesk + Altered states

Pirate Punk Scottish Showcase

Saturday 31 March

London, International Ska Festival

Ken Boothe, Derrick Morgan, Horace Andy, Freddie Notes, The Clarendonians, Doreen Shaffer, Otis Gayle, Don Letts, The Clash In Dub show, Johnny Clarke, Pama Intl, The Hempolics

Saturday 31 March

London (Blackheath), British Oak

The Skalites

Saturday 31 March

London (Islington), O2 Academy

Pama Intl + Ken Boothe + The Original Ace

London Intl Ska Festival

Saturday 31 March

Manchester, 02

Stranglers + Therapy

Saturday 31 March

Nottingham, Sumac Centre

Paul Carter

Saturday 31 March

Oberhausen (Germany), ResonanzWerk

Guana Batz

Saturday 31 March

Rotherham, Cutlers Arms

Anti Pasti + Black market clash + Worm + Geoffrey Oi Cott + Bones Park Rider

Saturday 31 March

Wakefield, Warehouse23

Abrasive Wheels + Peter & The Test Tube Babies + BillyClub + Vice Squad + Drongos For Europe + Kenneths + Hospital Food + Sick On The Bus + Riot Squad + Johnny & The Mental Break Downs

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