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All 15  Gigs for 22/12/2017

When Where Who What Shop

Friday 22 December

Birkenhead, Hotel Cali

Billyclub + Bite Back + Kirks + Skitvarld

Friday 22 December

Bolton, Metro Rocks

The Relitics

Friday 22 December

Bristol, Thurderbolt

Joe Strummer Night with London Calling + Josh Read (Mescaleros)

Friday 22 December

Dusseldorf (Germany), Haus de Jugend

Peter & The Test Tube Babies

Friday 22 December

Edinburgh, Smash

Angelic Upstarts + Media Whores + JockSparra

12 otd

Friday 22 December

Glasgow, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut

Joe Strummer Tribute Night

Friday 22 December

Guildford, G Live

Selecter + The Beat

Friday 22 December

Kingston Upon Thames, The Fighting Cocks

Lay It On The Line + Like Herod + Second In Line + The Half-wits

The Fighting Cocks with Bangers Embrace Present a pre (anti) xmas punk rock feast for the ears and eyes! FREE ENTRY and sponsored by Sailor Jerry. Lay It On The Line subject us to a brutal assault of fast and heavy melodic skate punk. Featuring ex members In Evil Hour, Hang the Bastard and early 00s much loved punks Phinius Gage. Absolutely killer. Bandcamp: http://layitontheline.bandcamp.com/ Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/42jhRtPssCoX3RQikIbILY Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/artist/4050661 LIKE HEROD produce ass kicking punk rock. Aggressive yet melodic with elements of post hardcore for good measure. And damn good looking, Second In Line are Berkshires' finest skate punks. Hard to put a finger on it, but if you had to, they'd liken themselves to Bad Religion meets Snuff down a dark alley. They've shared stages with massive acts Anti-Flag, Stiff Little Fingers, Epoxies and UK bands The Filaments, Spoilers and Billy No Mates. 'nuff said really. http://www.secondinline.co.uk/media Bold as brass Canterbury punk rockers The Half-Wits open this Winter Blunderland with a touch of brash hardcore punk. Imagine if Five Knuckle were an 80s HC band? Good, eh? And a word of warning: Dont mess with them. https://thehalf-wits.bandcamp.com/ FREE ENTRY SPONSORED BY SAILOR JERRY Bar open till 1am. Party on, dudes!

Friday 22 December

Leeds, Temple Of Boom

2 Sick Monkeys + Autonomads


Friday 22 December

London, 100 Club

Infa Riot + Last Resort + East End Badoes + Crown Court


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