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All 10  Gigs for 14/04/2018

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Saturday 14 April

Ashton U Lyne, Station

Hospital Food + Kingcrows + Brocker + Bogans + May Contain Nuts


Saturday 14 April

Leeds, Wharf Chambers

Civilised Society + Mothcob

Saturday 14 April

London, 100 Club

Anoraks (tbc)

Saturday 14 April

London, 100 Club

Demob + Violators + Knock Off + Geoffrey Oi!cott

Human Punk proudly presents: Live at our home venue, the legendary 100 Club in London's Oxford Street Demob - making their last ever London appearance. A must see show. The Violators - playing first London show in years! Been wanting them on our stage forever! Knock Off - Big Human Punk faves fresh from packed Rebellion performance. Geoffrey Oi!Cott - making second Human Punk appearanc

Saturday 14 April

London (Islington), Academy

Neville Staple + Stranger Cole + Paradimes

Saturday 14 April

London (New Cross), New Cross Inn

The Outcasts + Charred Hearts + Rage DC + Anoraks

7pm £12adv £15otd

Saturday 14 April

Margate, Dreamland

Sham 69 + Chelsea + peter & the test tube babies + kirk brandon + menace + crisis + big boy tomato + east town pirates + pussycat & the dirty johnsons + the warriors + andy blade + nuffin + no lip + red (religion equals decay) + rage dc + the fanzines + surgery without research + stone heroes + scandal and gyb.

UNDERCOVER FESTIVAL VI a packed 2 day celebration of alternative music including Punk / Ska / Alt / Acoustic + so much more.

Saturday 14 April

Osnabrück (Germany), Bastard Club


Saturday 14 April

Stockton, The Georgian Theatre

The Members + Snide Remarks + The Anticiptics + The Fuckwits

Saturday 14 April

Torrevieja (Spain), ?

Reggae on the Beach


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