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All 7  Gigs for 06/01/2018

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Saturday 6 January

Bracknell, South Hill Park

Seasonal Effective Disorder + Rage DC + Second In Line + Ambition Demolition

Saturday 6 January

Gateshead, The Doll

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads + LoGOz + Cherry B

Saturday 6 January

Hunwick, Bishop Auckland, Hunwick Wmc

Gimp Fist + No Thrills + Kickback Generation + Bastard Face

Nev & Clair's wedding celebration SOLD OUT

Saturday 6 January

London, 100 Club

The Boys + Heavy Drapes + Vulz

Resolutin Festival

Saturday 6 January

Madrid, Gruta77

KDV Deviators + Radioactive Kids + Moonshine Starkers + Shark Fins

Saturday 6 January

Nagoya (Japan), Red Dragon

Cockney Rejects + Anger Flares

Saturday 6 January

Watford, Flag

The Defects + Hazard & Butcher Baby

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