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All 4  Gigs for 03/06/2018

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Sunday 3 June

Amsterdam (Netherlan ds), Rebellion Festival

Cock Sparrer + The Adicts + Angelic Upstarts + Uk Subs + Dirtbox Disco + Gimp Fist + Los Fastidios + The Restarts + Paranoid Visions + The Warriors + Church Of Confidence + Filf + Funeral Dress + Brassick + Choking Susan + The Cundeez + The Argies + Fire Exit + Geoffrey Oicott + Svetlanas + Heavy Drapes + Knock Off + Midnight Tattoo + Cracked Up + Omixlh + Unite Against Society + Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions + Arrested Denial + Borrowed Time + Christmas + Manc Lads + Murdaball

90 - tickets on sale in Oct3 www.rebellionfestivals.com/shop http://www.ticketmaster.nl/event/203139?brand=nl_melkweg 90 / 100 Euros for a 2 Day ticket. Day tickets will be on sale from October - 3 stages (including an acoustic stage)

Sunday 3 June

Brighton, Great Skinhead Reunion

Last Resort + Monty Neysmith Symarip + The Glory + Dakka Skanks + Wolf Bites Boy

The Great Skinhead Reunion is now on its 8th year, a 3day weekender. People young and old come to Brighton from across the planet, to celebrate the Skinhead Subculture. The Event starts at noon each day. Djs playing the very best in Skinhead history music, from the early days of Jamaican Reggae and Soul, through punk, 2tone Ska and Oi!. After 6pm Live bands hit the stage to perform until midnight, then back onto aftershow DJs.

Sunday 3 June

Brighton, Skinhead Reunion

Boots N All

Sunday 3 June

London, ?

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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