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Gig Guide (49 Links)

 Ageless Chaps

Details of all the great gigs Ageless Chaps are putting on.


The one, the only Czech punk extraviganda


Promoting the Australian skinhead and music scene

 Badger Promotions

Great resource for Birmingham's Alternative scenen

 Blah Blah Blah

International touring services

 Breeze Bar

Plenty of punk & ska gigs in Southshields

 Bristol Punx Picnic

Guess what, it is on Bristol's Punx Picnic

 Capital City Punk Collective

Edinburgh based punk promter; includes gig guide


What needs to be said - New York's finest

 Chaos Agency

Punk gigs for the South East of England

 D&B Promotions

D&B Promotions - gigs around Llandudno and north Wales

 Die In Style

A mix of Psychobilly and Punkrock concerts

 East Midlands Gig Guide

Mostly chart bands, but it does list the odd punk gig

 Edinburgh Goth & Rock Society

Organises & promote Goth & Rock gigs specifically within the Unions

 Eroding Empire

DIY & political gigs, mainly in the London area

 Flies On Toast

Gloucsester based Punk, Ska, Hardcore and Oi Tourbooking


Directory for all aspiring bands planning their foray onto the live circuit

 Hidden Talent Booking

Find out the tour dates for loads of bands

 Kollusion Gigs

Punk and ska gigs at the Square in Harlow

 Leicester Punk Scene

Gigguides, venues and bands from the Leicester area

 Liverpool Punk Scene

Youe online resource for everything punk in Liverpool

 Local Punks

Punk promoter for Calafornia, USA

 London, Klub Tastic

London psychobilly events


Check here for loads of European gigs


All the latest from Merseyside

 Modern World Festival

The event will feature Mod/Powerpop bands and will be at the Dome in Morecambe, UK.

 Muttis Booking

European Booking Agency with many great bands

 No Rules

Independent Sheffield gig promoter

 One Big Day

Big gigs in Sunderland

 Paignton - Halfmoon

Punks gigs and Ska nights in the South West

 Phuckwit Promotions

Gigs for the South West of the UK

 Psychobilly concerts

Psychobilly gig listing for all around the world

 Punk Aid

The one, the only Punk Aid - doing it for charity - also see www.myspace.com/punkaid

 Punk In Scotland

Scottish punk directory providing a valuable source of information for the punk sceen

 Racket Promotions

Giving live punk music in cumbria a helping hand


Plenty of punk bands ,dates,venues from the 1970s onwards

 Reading and Leeds Festival

Unofficial Reading Festival and Leeds Festival website


Official website for the Rebellion (former HITS & Wasted) festivals

 Romford Punx

Punk going ons in Essex


Gigs for Warwick University and the surrounding area


Find out about Vice Squad and 4 Past Midnight Gigs amongst others

 Shock & Awe

Best live music in the North Notts area

 Skate Punk Reading

Punk releated gigs in the Reading Area

 Street Live

Huge Belgium punk, hardcore, Psycho & RockíníRoll festival

 The Sound Of The Suburbs

Gigs around Dorset - also a solo Ska, Punk, Reggae and New Wave performer

 Venues & Bands

Venue and band listing


Vuz, VmanEvents and Glasswerk.co.uk - covering much of the UK


London-based alternative club listings

 York Punx

Gigs, bands and all thinks York releated
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