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Toy Dolls - From Fulwell to Fukuoka

Win a copy of From Fulwell to Fukuoka. The first full-length biography of Sunderland punk band The Toy Dolls, published to mark their 25th anniversary.

Toy Dolls Book Cover


Q's. Which current member of The Stranglers used to play bass with The Toy Dolls, and which Toy Dolls single did he co-write?

A's. Barry Warne (A.K.A Bonny Baz) / Cheerio Toodle Pip


The lucky winner is Louise Scott, Sunderland.

The Toy Dolls: From Fulwell to Fukuoka tells the story of a musical phenomenon, sadly forgotten on home soil but worshipped overseas. Part biography, part interview with zany lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Olga, it is a celebration of 25 years of what music should be all about: catchy melodies, humour, speed, energy and, above all, a reminder that a band can be as professional as this and still have a laugh and be true to their fans.

Author: Ronan Fitzsimons
ISBN: 0954867807
Price £12.95