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Total Punk Rock

You have the chance to win the 2nd album 'Total Punk Rock' out on Calcaza Records, featuring 26 tracks from some of the finest unsigned punk bands.


Q1. What was the 1st album on Calcaza records called ?
A1. Wait & See

Q2. Which song, originally by Crass, features on "total punk rock "?
A2. Our Wedding

Q3. Name the 2 overseas bands on the "total punk rock" cd ?
A3. The Bloody Irish boys and Psychic Volts

The lucky winner is Tim Goodson, East Grinstead

album cover

Track listing:

01. Guns On The Roof - "Hangman”
02. X Rippers - "Who's Ya Doctor ?”
03. Psychic Volts - "I'm A Miser”
04. The Bloody Irish Boys - "Drink,Drink,Drink”
05. W.O.R.M. - "Our Wedding”
06. Battleska Galactica - "Chemical Warfare”
07. Bazooka Joe - "I Know”
08. Threshold Shift - "Profiteering”
09. Junkster - "Say Goodbye”
10. X Rippers - "Jimmy Kelly”
11. Griswalds - "My Girlfriend Came From Outer Space”
12. Guns On The Roof - "Derailed”
13. The Poor Kids With Guns - "The Poor Kids With Guns”
14. The Modes - "L.E.”
15. W.O.R.M. - "Human Race”
16. The Proof - "Let The Girls Know”
17. Battleska Galactica - "Safety”
18. Bazooka Joe - "Lame Academy”
19. 21 Down - "Two Weeks Older”
20. Junkster - "Adrenalin”
21. The Bloody Irish Boys - "Enniscorthy In A Bottle”
22. The Modes - "Can't Deny”
23. The Poor Kids With Guns - "What God Meant To Say”
24. Threshold Shift - "Trees”
25. X Rippers - "Pop Idol”

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