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Punk Aid
Celebrating 30 Years of Punk and still doin' it our way!

Punk Aid is a charity fundraising organization that exists to help sick and disabled children. We put on events when and where we can and this year’s 4 day festival is shaping up very well!

We are celebrating 30 years of punk and have some great bands lined up.

Monday 10 April - Metro Club, Oxford Street: Rubella Ballet + TV Smith + SensaYuma + Eastfield + Age of Chaos + Fat Sue

Tuesday 11 April - 100 Club, Oxford Street: The Business + Menace + Kaotixx + NewYork Scum Haters + BottleJob

Wednesday 12 April - 100 Club Oxford Street: Spizzenergi + the Ordinarys + Dirty Love + The Seminals

Thursday 13 April - 100 Club Oxford Street: Sham 69 + The Straps + Fire Exit + The Zips + The Anoraks

For your chance to win a pair of tickets to the night of your choice, answer the following question.


Q. What famous Sex Pistols designer did parts of the Punk Aid album?

A. Jamie Reid

The lucky winner is... Rob Jones, Cardiff

Tickets : £8 Metro Club, £12 100 Club, or all 4 nights for £40.
Tickets available from Paul Hallam, Suite 20, Elton House, Candy Street,
London E3 2LJ

P.O's / Cheques should be made payable to : Paul Hallam

For more info contact oonaghpunkaid@hotmail.com

A new Punk Aid website and Punk Aid @ myspace is currently under

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