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Potres Competition

There are five chances to win the latest album 'Potres"el Grande' by european streetpunk band Potres.


1) What was the title of the first Potres cd?

2) Which country does Potres come?


1) Treca Smena (The Third Shift)

2) Serbia


The lucky winner is Eli from Oregon, U.S.A

Meet The Band

Some might remember Potres from their nice debut CD, which came out in 1999 on Sick Mind Records and/or their two songs on "Never say die! - Vol. 1" (Sick Mind as well, 2000). This time, 13 years after the band started to play, Potres hits a bit harder with these 12 new tracks, still keeping their familiar melodic sound. Naturally the band has gotten better over the years and it sure can be heard. If you are into firm and melodic Streetpunk/Oi! with a touch of Punkrock to it, don't miss this one...

The songs (song titles translated into English) on the new Potres CD are:
1. Don't expect too much of me
2. Too drunk
3. World damnation
4. El grande
5. Our time
6. Candid camera
7. A boring story
8. The best friend
9. Football
10.Yellow day
11.Only day
12.Leader of losers

In the 16-page booklet there's all lyrics to read in both the bands native tongue and English + of course some photos of the bands and fans.