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6 limited edition posters!

Punk Rock Collector are offering SIX limited edition, fine art quality posters as a prize in this Punk & Oi competition. Each one of the posters is personally autographed by a founder member/s of:

  • The Damned
  • Sex Pistols
  • Tom Robinson Band
  • Stiff Little Fingers
  • The Adverts
  • The Stranglers

Each of the posters also includes unique text written specially for the poster by the artist who has signed them . The prize is one poster from each of the above bands. For all the info on the posters, or just to buy one of them without entering the competition, visit:


These posters are priced at 30 quid each, meaning that this prize is worth £180!!

The answers to the questions set below are all included within the text of the Punk Rock Collector posters.

So here's the questions
(some answers may be on the above site) ......

The Damned - Name the band that Brian James recruited Rat Scabies into before they both left to form The Damned

Sex Pistols - Name the London pub in which Glen Matlock wrote Pretty Vacant

Tom Robinson Band - Name the 3 other original members of TRB other than Tom Robinson

Stiff Little Fingers - Name the studio in which Inflammable Material was recorded

Adverts - In which London venue did the Adverts play their first gig, on 15th Jan '77, supporting Gen X

Stranglers - What was the name of Hugh Cornwell's band prior to The Stranglers

Answer & Winner

Rob Jones was the lucky winner of the six limited edition, fine art quality posters courtesy of Punk Rock Collector

Answers were ...

(1) London SS
(2) Cambridge Pub
(3) Danny Kurstow,Mark Ambler,Dolphin Taylor
(4) Spaceward Studios,Cambridge
(5) The Roxy
(6) Johnny Sox