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Menace Competition

Win a signed copy of Menaces's Rogues Gallery and a signed copy of Alive Alive O!

Menace's new album Rogues Gallery will be out on the 15th June.

The track list is:-

Test of Time // Don’t Patronise Me // Believe // Ballad of Oliver Reed // In Gods We Trust // Lottery // London Town // Observing Way // Wot’s It Like // Bad Cards // SOS // Better Days

Six members of Menace appear on it, John Lacey in the Rogues and Steve Tannett the original guitarist plays on Don’t Patronise Me.

Menace  Cd Cover


1) Spot original Guitarist Steve Tannett (clue on news page)

2) What is the name of the pub Menace formed in


1) Steve is 4 rows down from the top, second one in from the right

2) Hope and Anchor pub


The winner is Clive Smith, Feltham.

Recent Menace reviews

MENACE - Test Of Time (unmixed Promo Track)

I’m lost for words! This is just 1 track from Menaces’ forthcoming album and I only have 2 words to say about it… ‘FUCKING FANTASTIC’ I put this in my c.d. player and it was one of those moments when all the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Judgeing by the quality of this recording when this is finally mixed it will be outstanding. I’m not gonna tell you what it sounds like as it isn’t mixed yet but trust me when I say ‘the album will be well worth the wait’

5 out of 5
Review by Paul

MENACE - Alive Alive Oi The Three Ages Of Menace (R27 RECORDS)
I always wondered what the original Menace were like live, now I know, fucking brilliant just like the second and present incarnation, in fact I'd hate to have to choose the best. An added bonus with this is a previously unreleased song "I Like Chips" recorded in Wolverhampton in 78 along with "Screwed Up" and "GLC" then it's "London" and "C & A" from CBGB's in 2001 and finally "Rocks 'n' Dust", "Insane Society" and "Believe" from Los Angeles last year. Call me a greedy cunt but the only fault with this is you don't get the full gigs, even if it meant 3 seperate cd's I for one would buy them all. There's not many bands who could change the singer and still be brilliant but Menace have done it twice. I could rave about this all night, instead I'll just say buy it you won't regret it.

5 out of 5
Review by Ian