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Lowlife Competition

Lowlife UK 10th Anniversary Gig - 12th March @ Bradford, Market Tavern

Get yourselves down to what promises to be a great day and help the Lowlife lads blow out the candles on their birthday cake!!!!

Lowlife UK + The Dead Pets + Sick 56 + Stuntface + Keyside Strike + 3CR + Square

-> pair of tickets to the gig (numbers 1&2) and a copy of new album 'Barstool Preaching'

Lowlife Gig & Album Banner


Q. What was the date of Lowlife UK's first ever gig?

A. 16th March 1995 at the Beehive in Bradford


The lucky winner is Mark Cutmore, Ipswich

Lowlife flyer

To pre order your tickets contact:-
kazz@neurotic.freeserve.co.uk or paulmason.oioioi@lineone.net
Tel 07929 870 319 with your details so we can add you to the list.

Keep an eye on your ticket number throughout the day. IT COULD BE YOU!!!!!!!

Lowlife - Barstool Preaching (new album)