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There is not one, not two, but three chances to win the new GBH album 'Ha Ha', out now on Go- Kart Records. There will be three different questions appearing on this site over the course of the next few weeks and a different name drawn from the correct answers each week. So keep checking!

Question 1:

For what reason was the prefix "Charged" adopted (and later dropped) by GBH?


The Charged was was adopted in the name as there was already a band called GBH. Later in their career GBH had heard nothing of the other GBH so dropped the charged!

Winner - Ian Dainty

GBH - Ha Ha (Go Kart Records)

At last a new album from GBH and well worth the wait, Infact I'd go as far as to say it pisses all over their more recent stuff there's a bit of an American feel to this almost as if they've been jamming with Rancid or the Dropkicks in places. The guitar work on "Crush em" could almost be from an SLF song. But all this just adds to the original GBH sound. 17 powerful tracks, their best for a long time and I'm sure there won't be too many people disappointed with this. Ian