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Eastpak / Resistance Tour Competition

The Resistance Tour fourth year will see will see Eastpak sponsoring some of the biggest and established bands....Bands like Sick Of It All, 7 Seconds, The Bones, Unearth, Walls Of Jericho and Ramallah....and if that wasn't enough everyday some other bands will be joining this line up who are well known in the punk and hardcore genre's. Bands like Heaven Shall Burn, Maroon, Deadline, Destiny, Discipline and so on.

You have the chance to win one of 2 Eastpak Backpacks and one of 5 Resistance Tour compilation.


1. Which US band from this years line-up features a female vocalist?

2. Which band features a member of Blood For Blood?


1. Walls of Jericho

2. Ramallah


Winners are:
Back Pack; - Christina Cooke & Paul Ratcliffe

Compilation; - Trevor Smith, Andy Whittingham, Tony Houghton, Jacki Buckley and M Figg



It does seem that every year Resistance Tour never fails to deliver an explosive and much needed mix of bands for an ever growing mixed genre audience.....And just to highlight that fact here is some info of the main bands.


SICK OF IT ALL - The most infamous band, featured on MTV, loved by thousands with a strong and dedicated worldwide fan base this New York band remains one of the finest stalwarts in the hardcore genre. Every time they play the UK they sell out the venue Their current release is available vis FAT WRECK and if that wasn't enough there will be a new CD B side collection released in October. Old school NY HC style...at it's best!

7 SECONDS - The most legendary band on this tour reaching almost 25 years! They give an energetic performance and have songs so known the audience literally sing them for the band. Hailing from the West Coast 7 Seconds have inspired and been an influence for some bigger bands known today! Top notch and extremely catchy songs they too have a new album imminent to be released on SIDE ONE DUMMY 'Take it Back, Take It On, Take It Over!' Street date is 12.10.04.....This is the West Coast style HC at it's finest!

THE BONES - Good live act who have a wild party Punk rock'n'roll vibe. These guys come from Germany and provide another facet to the punk/hardcore genre. It's worth bearing in mind that there is an ever increasing number of bands out there who provide a psycobilly or punk rock'n'roll music. Some bands as young as 16 are now playing and touring with this type of music......is an explosion imminent? Possibly. But there's a guarantee that The Bones will impress many. An album was released just this year entitled 'Straight Flush Ghetto' on PEOPLE LIKE YOU records.

WALLS OF JERICHO - Detroit band, more extreme in sound but with a female vocalist! Candace has an amazing voice and can easily compete with any others in the metal-core genres. Excellent stage presence to boot. Label mates with another band to watch for TERROR in the states. You will be hearing more from Walls Of Jericho in the future cos they've just signed a deal so their releases will be distributed via ROAD RUNNER records across the UK and Europe. Current album 'All Hail The Dead'

UNEARTH - Formed in 98 and from eastern Massachusetts they combine crushing metal with uplifting lyrics....Don't think this band are stuck in one style or at one speed as they display dual guitar 'harmonies' matched with brooding bass-laden beatdowns and a new album will be released in time for the tour 'Unearth' 26.8.04 via Metal Blade.

RAMALLAH - A must see band, and any fans of BLOOD FOR BLOOD and SINNERS AND SAINTS will want to know about this project cos it's actually (White trash) Rob's other band! Extremely brutal and aggressive musically and lyrically. Blood For Blood's recent album had a Rock 'n' Roll edge this time around and lyrically spanned the many feelings Rob experienced in getting off drugs.... Ramalagh however is best explained in Rob's own words Yes, this band and this release will turn heads, draw societal blood, incense quite a few people and hopefully even terrify them", says Rob Lind "We live in terrible times. People should be terrified and horrified and disgusted at what's going on in this world and in their name every single day. Ramallah is here to shove it all right down their throats." Hopefully an album will be released