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Deadline Album Launch Party

Deadline will be celebrating the launch of their eagerly awaited new album "Take A Good Look" with an all star launch party to be held at Islington Academy on Saturday December 9th.

Special guests include The Briefs, Argy Bargy and Black Radio. Doors open at 6pm - 10pm with tickets priced at £10. With their last 4 London shows selling out advance tickets are advisable for the Christmas Punk/Oi party of the year.

By entering the competition you have chance to win....
1st Prize - A pair of tickets and a CD of all the bands appearing at the Deadline album launch party.

2nd Prize - A pair of tickets to the Deadline album launch paty.

3rd Prize - A CD of every band playing the Deadline album launch party.


Q. This will be Dealine's 4th studio release - can you name the 3 previous studio albums?
A. 1. Back for more… 2. More To It… 3. Getting Serious

Q. The Briefs are coming from which country toplay at this gig - Australia or America?
A. America

Q. Argy Bargy guitarist Daryl Smith has been a guitarist in another well kown Punk band for over15 years - can you name that band?
A. Cock Sparrer

The lucky winners are; 1st Bev Evans - Fletham, 2nd Gary Smith - Margate & 3rd Nigel Conley, Washington

Carling Academy London-Islington
Box Office: 0207 7288 4400

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