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Crashed Out: Back For More

Back For More: This 7 track Cd from Crashed Out may be 3 years old, but so far it has stood the test of time. Why not add it to your Cd collection?

One lucky person has chance to win a copy.

Crashed Out - Back For More


Q. Which member of Crashed Out is an original member of an influential 70/80s punk band.

A. Decca Wade


Lucky winner is Chid Kidney

CRASHED OUT - Back For More

Seven new Crashed Out songs with a new band lineup. This is a fucking excellent CD. All 7 tracks are really good, including the Upstarts cover 'Leave Me Alone' which is sung and played brilliant (well they do have an Upstarts former member in the band). The new singer, Lee's brother is definitely up for the job. If you get chance to get this CD get it, better still go and see them play live - you'll enjoy.
Review by Ste

CD kindly supplied by Paul from York