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Cocksparrer - What You See Is What You Get DVD

The new Cocksparrer double DVD 'What You See Is What You Get' is over 8 hours of rare footage, live gigs, interviews etc. The main features are the 2003 Holidays in the Sun gig and a film detailing the history of the band called 'Memory Lane'.

Two lucky people have a chance to win their own copy (one with this question and one with another question which will go up next month).


Q. In the song Chip On My Shoulder, there is a line that says.....
" Running Riot might as well, me little brothers gone and joined the TCL"

What did TCL stand for?

A. TCL = Terrorising Councils of London


The lucky winners are Mark Gladman, Pontefract and Jim Clason, London


The prize is the new double DVD - "What you see is what you get", 8 hours of gigs, documentaries, interviews, rarities etc. Also available to purchase from Ebay and www.cocksparrer.moonfruit.com for more details please check www.cocksparrer.co.uk

* Review*
The history of COCKSPARRER - What you see is what you get ! is a new double DVD issue from the CockSParrer guys. This was a long time in the making and a lot of fans were anxiously waiting for it. Well wait no more , now you have a chance to see CockSParrer for ever if you get this. The first thing about it that I noticed was that there was over 8 hours of footage on the dvd's. I thought that even with a full concert on it, there would still be an awful lot of filling needed to make up 8 hours and that this might bring down the quality of the content. No way, I was 100% wrong, after viewing the 2 dvd's 3 times over I feel so impressed with them that they make most punk dvd releases look totally amatuerish and money grabbing enterprises. The content of dvd 1 starts with the "Farewell concert" in The Market Arena in 2003 at the Holidays in the Sun festival. I've seen SParrer a good few times and this was their best ever UK gig, without a doubt. Every song from that storming set, with great sound and good crowd shots, you'll probably spot loads of people that you recognise. If you were at that gig then you'll know how good it was and you will want to snap up this dvd for that reason alone, but there's also an interview with the band so listen to Colin, Micky, Steve, Daryl & the other Steve answer the fans questions and more. Next up on disc one are highlights of the USA tour from Feb. 2000. I saw the lads play in CBGB's on that tour and that was another great gig. But better for me, there are scenes from airports, hotels and dressing rooms. You feel you're on the road with the lads as they trundle cross country in trains or pile into limo's. Any of you that have only saw them in concert but never behind the scenes, this is the dvd for you. Next up are two video outakes of England Belongs To US which features outakes of crowd scenes at different concerts to the England Belongs To Me song, and Sunday Stripper. Finally then on disc one is the guitar tutorial by Mickey Beaufoy. This is brilliant for any punks wanting to get the riffs and notes for SParrer songs, but better still even if you cant play the guitar, you'll totally enjoy this. My wife sat and watched this with me as well and totally enjoyed it, as Mickey showed how to play different styles of play and then a video clip would be shown of this with him on stage. A fantastic 240 minutes on disc 1 which left me scrambling for the 2nd disc hoping that the next one would be just as good. It was different but just as good in its own way. The SParrer guys take us with them on a trip down memory lane in a people carrier in London, stopping off at the school they went to, the pubs they drank in, the streets they ran, and of course Upton Park. What use is that you might say ?, well as with the USA tour on disc 1, here you feel you are travelling around with the guys as you listen to them slagging off each other and relating stories about gigs they played, and bunging the old geezer on the gates at Upton Park a few quid to get into matches and how they were caught out. It's comical, honest, and bloody interesting, as you get to learn the whole history of the band from their perspective, not ghost written by an outsider. We all know how much they are friends of each other, but this view is only reinforced as you see the bond between them as they take the piss out of each other and themselves. I must say that you would not really be into this section of disc 2 unless you were a SParrer fan, but then again I dont reckon many Madonna fans will be queueing up for this one. Bonus extra on disc 2 is the albums section, which has the 4 studio albums here and if you click on a cover you can get the full lyrics of any song on that album. There are video clips of Because Your Young and a bonus one of We Love You. You must check this one out to see Sparrer in their half mast wide flared bootboy rigouts, complete with hair and have a look at Colin , I wont say any more than that, so if you want to see what I'm talking about , you may buy the dvd. Then we have the London interview with the lads in a boozer as they tell us why they wrote songs and what they meant to them. This is followed up by extra live footage of gigs from around Europe and England including the H.I.T.S. festivals in 2000. So there you have it, 8 hours of CockSParrer. The DVD cost £20 , the official release date is the 1st of June 2005. Dont baulk at the cost, if you wait till next year you'll pay £15 for a poxy blurred copy with no insert booklet. Twenty quid is cheap at half the price, a top class fucking out of the world dvd. A must for every SParrer fan, a must for anyone wanting to learn about the band, their music and the scene. -10/10 , and thats a score that I've never ever given on any review I've done...............
Colm PSYCHO Callanan (PunkOiUK - June 05)