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The Ugly Truth About Blackpool

Just Say No To Government Music brings you 27 bands ftom the murky underworld of Blackpool on the cd ''Ugly Truth About Blackpool'.

Bands include; One Way System, Membranes, Anti Social, Sick56, The Fits and many more...

-> 1st competition prize
cd plus an 'Ugly Truth About Blackpool' tee-shirt

-> 2nd competition prize
nine people have a chance to win the cd

Ugly Truth About Blackpool CDUgly Truth About Blackpool T-shirt

Questions / Answers:

Q. Which of the 27 bands on the CD does UkNige from SICK56 now also sing for ?
A. One Way System

Q. Which of the 27 bands on the CD was the former band of GOLDBLADE vocalist, journalist and TV presenter John Robb ?
A. Membranes

1st Prize winner is Ian Brockbank, Lancaster & 9 runners up are; Fraser Scatterty, David Smith, Mark Nicholls, Sarah Lish, Mark Smollett, Andy K, Gary Cropper + 2 anon

Andy Blade - Just Say No To Government Music


Skrewdriver - Antisocial (1977)

Zyklon B - Manic Depressive (1978)

Male Models - DC Overflow (1979)

Tunnel Vision - Comrades (1980)

Kenneth Turner Set - Overload (1980)

Syntax - Dot Dot (1980)

Section 25 - Always Now (1981)

One Way System - Jerusalem (1982)

Antisocial - Official Hooligan (1982)

The Genocides - Honey This Ain't No Romance (1982)

The Fits - Bravado (1983)

Sign Language - Love & Glory (1984)

The Membranes - Tatty Seaside Town (1988)

Take Lindy Surfing - Twilight Zone (1991)

Shrink - She's The One (1994)

The Phantom Creeps - Bad Place (1996)

Erase Today - Managing Director Of Earth plc (1996)

Container Drivers - Searching For The Skylon (1997)

King Mob Echo - Cock Suck Amerika (1997)

The Pink Torpeodes - Time To Be Alone (2000)

Thee Transmissions - Starlight (2001)

Neocoma - Alcoholocaust (2002)

Uncle Fester - Kill Someone (2002)

Chang - Conquerse (2003)

Razor Dog - Torched (2004)

Ceramic Hobs - Pro Ana Tips 'N' Tricks - 2004)

SICK56 - No Accident (attak Mix 2005)

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