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Anarchists Academy 06

Conflict and Subhumans will beplaying 2 exclusive dates at Birmingham and Islington Academy on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th November 2006 with support coming from Lost Cherrees and The Restarts. To win tickets and cd's of all bands playing at the both events just answer the questions below.

1st Prize - A pair of tickets to both Birmingham and London events and a pack of cd's of all the bands performing.

2nd Prize - A pair of tickets to both Birmingham and London events.

3rd prize - A pack of cd's of all the bands performing at the events.

Anarchist flyer


Q1. Conflict's first release was the single 'The House That Man Built" and this was released on Crass records - they eventually formed their own autonomous label - can you name it?
A1. Mortarhate

Q2. What member of the band Crass guested vocals on the Conflict single 'To A Nation Of animal Lovers"?
A2. Steve Ignorant

Q3. Dick Lucas of Subhumans is also well known for being in 2 other bands can you fill in the missing gaps to name them - Culture ..... and Citizen ....?
A3. Culture Shock / Citizen Fish

The lucky winners are; 1st Pat Lawlor - Worcester, 2nd Smeg and 3rd Darian Poppetrov - Bulgaria.

Conflict quotes

ticketweb.co.uk 0870 771 2000

Carling Academy Birmingham, 52-54 Dale End, Birmingham, B4 7LS
Box Office: 0121 262 3000

Carling Academy London-Islington
Box Office: 0207 7288 4400

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