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Dislocate Records

DIY UK punk record label Dislocate Records are giving you the chance to win a set of ten cd's they are giving away! The two new releases (five of each) are by the mighty Drongos For Europe and Intensive Care.

 Drongos For Europe - read more about this release        Intensive Care  - read more about this release

Questions & Answers:

1. Which city do Drongos for Europe come from?
     - Birmingham

2. Which punk festival are Intensive Care playing at in 2004?
     - Punk Aid

3. What was Dislocate records fifth release?
     - 17 Stitches, Antisocial EP


The lucky 5 winners are; - Steve Pantling, Mr Nobody, Ian Goldsmith, Mads Jensen and Herve Garrot.

Intensive Care - North London's Finest CD

Intensive Care, the pride of North London, are the only real deal street punk Herbert band. They play shout along stripped down punk, like the Cockney Rejects having a fist fight with the Test Tube Babies. Since they started in January 2000 they've been making a name for themselves on the UK punk circuit, leaving a trail of controversy in their wake.

Making no attempts to be politically correct, their first release North London's finest puts some long missing humour back into punk music.


Drongos for Europe - Barcode Generation CD

Birmingham based Drongos for Europe originally formed in 1979 and have been playing their own style of hard-hitting punk rock on and off since this time. Refusing to grow old gracefully, Drongos for Europe are still playing on a regular basis. They are soon to be heading off on a tour of Holland and Germany and next year sees them hitting the west coast of America.

Barcode Generation contains 14 recently recorded tracks by the band.