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Advertise on Punk & Oi In The UK Limited for as little as  £16  per month

Punk & Oi In The UK is a well established, highly rated brand. www.punkoiuk.co.uk is much more than just a website. It is a community of people who love punk and oi! and all things relating to the scene. They are an interactive audience who believe in their way of life. If you are looking to advertise your service, release, product, event or festival, Punk & Oi In The UK Limited is the perfect route to your market.

The site is used regularly by bands, fans, promoters, record labels and people associated in some way with Punk & Oi! music. Since the launch in June 1998, the site traffic has increased substantially. May 2006 had around half a million visitors.

There is a choice of 3 ad sizes available, plus a choice of locations. *Plus the opportunity to get your own free advert!

Price per month

Home Page

*Various Other Pages

468 x 60 120 x 120 120 x 60 468 px 60 120 x 120 120 x 60
3 months £52 £40 £32 £42 £34 £27
6 months £46.50 £33.40 £26.50 £34.50 £28.50 £21.50
1 year £36 £26 £21 £28 £23 £16

All sizes are in pixels. Prices are per month. Highlight the price to see ad size.

Banner Advertising

The adverts are static, not rotating. The benefit is your advert will be seen by the visitor.

Home page
- 468 x 60 will be positioned at the bottom of the page. The other two advert sizes will be located either down the sides of the page, or at the bottom.

* Other pages
- Adverts can be placed under the following webpage categories; - Gigs, Links, Photos and Wanted. Position and exact page down to discretion of the webmistress.

Advert Specs

+ Advert images may be jpg, gif or Flash (swf). If the later, the url must be embedded in the file.
+ The image must be less than 60k in file size.
+ You must provide the url and a description.
+ Please specify which page you would like the ad placed on and for what time period.

Remember the bigger the time scale you take the advert over, the cheaper it works out.

Free Adverts

If you or your organisation would like your own advert displayed on Punk & Oi In The UK Limited, but do not have the necessary software / creative skills - please get in touch to see how we can help. You too could have your own animated gif in the vein of the given examples.

Anyone taking out an advert on the front page for a 12 month period, *may be entitled to a free banner.

+ Please note only the animated image is free - the web space must still be paid for
++ Please note this offer only applies to 468 x 60 banners

Text Advertising

Text Advertising is available as a cheaper alternative to Banner Advertising and is focused towards classifieds.

This can be used if you want a particular item or service advertising as a News piece on the News page. Whilst the vast majority of news items are totally free, there is a charge if you wish to announce a business where a fair exchange of exposure, swapping of services or sample of item for sale is not available.

Pricing: £0.50 (50 pence) per word - minimum of 12 words. Text adverts are charged on a fortnightly basis.

Why advertise on the internet?

+ Reaches a world wide audience.
+ Allows people to read about your releases before they even come out.
+ Drives traffic straight to your company¡¯s website.
+ Your advert is guaranteed to be seen as it can¡¯t be delivered without a viewer being present at the other end.
+ Low maintenance for advertiser ¨C no need to send a brochure.


For your convieniance payment can be made by a choice of credit card, cheque or standing order. For further payment details please contact rebecca@punkoiuk.co.uk .
[see T&C for full advertisment terms]

Methods of payment other than cash may be considered, ie reciprocal like for like advertising.


What's In It For You
Get the attention of a close nit world-wide audience via a trusted, well respected source which has a proven high internet presence.

Who Can Apply
To maintain the integrity of Punk & Oi In The UK Limited, adverts must be related to the website contents.

You are invited to submit an advert if you / the organisation comes from any of the following sectors:-
Record Labels, Fanzines, Venues, Promoters, Bands, Rehearsal / Recording Studios, Clothing & Accessories, Tattooing / Body Piercing Studios.

[see T&C for full advertisment terms]

++++ Made In England +++
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