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Rebecca - January 2004Punk & Oi In the UK was set up way back in June 1998. At the time UK websites were very thin on the ground, and it was very difficult to find out about anything other than US punk on the internet.

With the attitude of 'if you can't find what you want, get off your arse and do something about it', plus a very little web design knowledge and creating a site around the type of information I wanted to know, Punk & Oi In The UK was born. Little was I to know the monster we had spawn - the site now gets over quarter of a million views a month (a little more than the 30 a month first expected).

Punk & Oi In the UK is an apolitical site. That does not mean we do not have opinions, but what it does mean is that we credit you with the ability to make up your own mind in the political arena. Basically music, not politics is the mantra for the site.

In 2003 Punk & Oi became a Limited company. The reason behind this move was to protect what we have grown to know and love. Punk & Oi In The UK (who had never made a penny at this stage) was offered a substantial amount of cash by an established, respected business so they could own half of the name and everything else. After much thought and discussion I walked away, but thought it was best to register as a company to prevent anyone else doing so. Thus the DIY ethic was preserved.

2006 has seen the launch of PunkOiUK Shop. The shop offers high quality clothing including PunkOiUK Ware, plus Homeware, Music Releases, Books, Studs & Spikes, Hair Dye and much, much more. Why not check it out?

We have also started getting involved in offering support to different events - for further information please get in touch.

Punk & Oi In The UK is run by Rebecca Pollard.

I have been into both punk and oi! since 1990 after discovering many of the bands in an unorthodox way. I love both music genres, and particularly enjoy gigs. So if you see a tall bird first on the dance floor at a gig, it is probably me!

I would like this opportunity to personally say thank you to everyone who helps keep this site alive by submitting gig dates, news, stuff to review and other bits and bobs.

Ta very much, and cheers!

[click here to see Rebecca in her natural habitat - avi movie file]

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