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 '77 Sulphate Strip by Barry Cain: Book * 5
An eyewitness account of 1977 by one of the only journalists allowed full access to the bands. This is a true story of how it really felt and what really happened then...

Durham Punk Fest - Tickets
Win a pair of tickets to the Durham Punk Festival on 13th September. Exploited, Adicts, Angelic Upstarts (Mensi's only uk gig for 08), 999 + much more

The Beat - Tickets
Win a pair of tickets to to see The Beat + Neville Staple perform at their hometown gig at Birmingham academy on Friday April 4th.

Academy In The UK 08 Tour
Academy in the UK returns in 2009 with a nationl tour of the UK calling at Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle. The Damned and Buzzcocks headline and featuring alongside many other great bands. Enter the compeition for the chance to win tickets, dvds and CDs..

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